Vicki Gunvalson isn't done talking about ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers just yet. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star found herself at the center of controversy during part three of the Season 10 reunion special when she admitted that she had fabricated some of the stories she told about Ayers' cancer battle. Her former beau has since gone on to claim she sensationalized his diagnosis and now Vicki, 53, is telling her side of the story. 

According to E! Online, the "RHOC" star will sit down with reunion show host Andy Cohen, 47, in an interview slated to air on Bravo Monday. During their discussion Vicki will reveal to viewers how much she did and did not know about Brooks' diagnosis. She will reportedly share with Cohen that she saw her ex incredibly sick on numerous occasions and each time he claimed it was a result of his chemotherapy. She says, however, that after recent conversations with unnamed sources she learned that it's possible to fake such an illness by drinking eye drops. In clips for the interview she can be heard telling Cohen she's not certain that's what Brooks did, but that it is a possibility. 

"I actually contacted a couple of people and they said you can actually take eye drops and they can make you violently ill. I don't know if he did that. That's pretty sick, but I witnessed him with fevers and night sweats and chills," she says. 

As more and more information has been released regarding Brooks' cancer battle, Vicki has been increasingly vocal about her involvement -- or lack there of. On Nov. 12, she did an interview with Extra in which she said she was "completely shocked" that her former boyfriend would lie publicly about any part of his diagnosis. She went on to say that she would never participate in such a thing, adding that if she was going to fabricate a storyline it certainly wouldn't be about Brooks.

Brooks has admitted to falsifying hospital documents presented during episode 17 of "RHOC." He released a statement to E! News in which he apologized for fabricating the documents, adding that he "acted alone" and that Vicki had no knowledge of his actions. He went on to say that he never intended to present actual documents on "RHOC" and that the faked ones were simply a part of the "'storyline.'"

Vicki's telling interview will air Monday at 11 p.m. EST on Bravo. Check out a clip below: