Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer will appear on the cover of a forthcoming issue of J'adore magazine. We're letting you know now because you may not recognize her when the glossy hits the newsstands.

We accept the fact that cover photos of celebrities must undergo a bit of retouching to perpetuate the myth that rich and famous people are inherently more attractive than regular humans, therefore making us feel bad about ourselves, so that we will continue to make aspirational purchases.

But J'adore took this one too far: They appear to have relocated Ramona's left eye, and erased part of her mouth. Or maybe they just erased her whole mouth and drew a new one in.

Hard to say.

Singer doesn't seem to be bothered by the butcher job, though -- she retweeted a twitpic via J'adore's managing editor Erica Rae, who wrote: This Cover with NY Housewives @ramonasinger will definitely turn heads in newstands! Indeed, Ms. Rae, indeed.

Face rearranging aside, Ramona has reason to feel good about the cover shot. She's wearing a very pretty, super flattering dress and her hair and filler makeup look great.

Singer is not the first victim of a photoshop crime -- and she surely won't be the last.

Last month, In Style magazine's cover shot of Drew Barrymore was accused of reckless photoshopping. See the Huffington Post for a full gallery of photoshop fails.