Welsh journalist and This American Life contributor Jon Ronson released a short documentary Wednesday on Rebecca Black's unforgettable song, Friday. The clever documentary is brief, wacky and honest, going behind the scenes to reveal the heart and soul of Friday.

Although the 13-year-old Black herself does not appear in the documentary, Ronson interviews Benni Cinkle, known as That Girl in Pink, a friend of Black's who dances besides her in a car in the Friday video. Cinkle gushes over Patrice Wilson, the infamous rapper in the Friday video who also wrote the lyrics to the song.

In the documentary, Ronson seeks out Wilson to explain the origins of the infamous pop hit.

It was Thursday and I'm like I need to make a song, I need to make a song. And it was Friday. And I'm like oh it's Friday. Oh well that's a song. he tells Ronson. Wilson claims he wrote Friday in 30 minutes late one night.

There are no days of the week or weekend songs that everyone can feel good about, he continues. I'm like okay this could be great. I'm like okay this could probably go somewhere. It could be like an anthem everyone could have a good time to.

The documentary also features a unique surprise. Wilson claims he has a knack for all things viral and also writes a song for Ronson, who he thinks is a bit of Vanilla Ice mixed up with Craig David. You'll have to hear Wilson's newest song featured proudly in the documentary for yourself.

Black's debut single, Friday, was first released on March 14, 2011 by Ark Music Factory in Los Angeles. The song became a viral hit with over 167 million views on YouTube and over 3.1 million dislikes. Comments were disabled on the video in May 2011 since they were overwhelmingly negative. The song used Auto-Tune on Black's vocals and features Wilson rapping. The viral video lead to a number of spin-offs, spoofs and covers of the infamous sensation Friday.

Watch the Rebecca Black Documentary by Jon Ronson, featuring a new song written by Patrice Wilson :

If you still haven't had enough (or you just forgot), watch Rebecca Black's Friday: