“ReCore” is Armature Studio and Comcept’s upcoming action-adventure, third-person video game that is slated for release on Sept. 13. However, as the hype over its official release increases, clips showing certain issues with the game have surfaced online.

On Saturday, ThisGenGaming found a clip showing how “ReCore” could take a lot of time loading after a character death and another exposing a frame rate issue. The clips were shared on Twitter by starting gaming YouTuber Kofi.

The first clip Kofi posted on Twitter was captioned “‘ReCore’ loading time after death,” and it shows that when players die in the game, loading time could take as long as two minutes.

He quickly followed it up with other clips showing that loading times in other parts of the game are also very slow.

He also shared a clip which he claims shows the low frame rate of the game. In the caption, he pointed out that "ReCore" hasn't been consistent when it comes to frame rates. 

Kofi’s followers were quick to share their two cents. One Twitter user @coolcam52 pointed out to the YouTuber that there is going to be a day one patch that could address such problems; however, Kofi quickly responded that he has already downloaded the 6GB patch, but he did not specify if he has already installed it. Instead, he advised @coolcam52 to wait for his YouTube video about his impressions of the game.

In his YouTube video, Kofi started off by saying that he got the Xbox copy of the game pretty early and he’s spent four hours to get a good idea of its gameplay and whatnot. Unfortunately, he then pointed out all the issues he’s found after noting that he’s disappointed with the game.

Some of the things the YouTuber mentioned in his video include “awful graphics” and “pixelated” environment, as well as the low frame rates that he claimed to be playing at the low 20s. He also said that “ReCore’s” gameplay is “very stiff” with not-so-challenging things happening before Corebot Seth is unlocked. He also stated that he believes all the problems persisted even when he has installed the 6GB patch. Nevertheless, he admitted that he has yet to try the game on the PC platform and that he hopes the game does better there. See below for Kofi's full video. 

After sharing his thoughts about the game, however, some were quick to doubt the YouTuber, who has since responded with: “Can’t wait ’til bigger sites drop their thoughts. Every complaint I have I BET money they will address. They don’t trust the little guy.”

Kofi’s statements about “ReCore” comes at a time when the gaming community is shook by a refund issue that has stirred a lot of debate after many players of “No Man’s Sky” have requested for refund over performance issues despite playing the game for long hours.

As of late, the latest news about “ReCore” states that it is already available for download via the Windows Store, but players should wait until its official release day to arrive in order for it to work, as per WinBeta.

The first Xbox Play Anywhere title comes in at 9.2GB, and it is reportedly debuting in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific on the Xbox One and Windows 10 on Sept. 13. It costs $39.99 on Xbox Live, Microsoft Store, Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy, while its Collector’s Edition is selling for $179.99, according to Windows Central.