Ahead of “ReCore’s” release, clips of the first Xbox Play Anywhere game have landed online to shed light on how players will enjoy the action-filled combats that will come their way when they take on Comcept and Amature Studio’s third-person shooter.

On Saturday, Polygon uploaded on its official YouTube channel a 15-minute clip that shows “ReCore’s” gameplay. And right away, players will know that they are going to take on missions within the game as the video starts with a voiceover announcing the goal that female protagonist Joule should realize for her first assignment. Joule, of course, acknowledges the instruction and tells her companion Corebots Mack and Seth to go with her.

It does not take long until Joule finds her way into the lair of her enemies where she is greeted by numerous Core monsters or Corebots. The next couple of minutes then focus on how Joule can smoothly jump, double jump, jump dodge and even shoot while slowly descending from a jump while facing her opponents.

As “ReCore’s” gameplay clip continues, certain tips and hints are being introduced to give players an idea on how they can attack and defeat Corebots easily. For example, an Affinity Attack can be used to ensure heavy damage to opponents, and it simply requires players to match their rifle ammunition color to the color of their Core enemies. This action causes more damage than standard attacks, so Red Corebots are easily destroyed with red ammunition.

Everything appears to be fast-paced when playing “ReCore,” so another useful tip that players should take note of is to cease firing from time to time or whenever possible in order for the ammo to replenish quickly. In addition, since Joule has companion Corebots with her, it important for players to remember that swapping Corebots is possible using the CoreBot Swap command. In doing this, players can rotate the Corebots available and use the ones that would be most helpful in clearing a specific mission.

Aside from the 15-minute clip courtesy of Polygon, the makers of “ReCore” also took to the game’s official Twitter account to share short clips that also showcase the gameplay ahead of the game’s release next week.

One of the clips shows that players can do a Charge Shot when faced with shielded opponents. This attack ensures forceful damage against the enemy’s shield and when the shield breaks, the Corebot opponent is hit by the strong shot.

Meanwhile, though “ReCore” is packed with futuristic settings, exciting and seemingly non-stop shooting sequences as well as interesting manuevers like wall-running, OneAngryGamer sees the upcoming title as a standard third-person shooter that did not live up to its debut trailer, which appeared to hint at a more methodical and story-oriented adventure. The gaming blog also noted that instead of delivering something like “Enslaved: Odyssey to the West,” “ReCore” is more of “Earth Defense Force” or “Vanquish.”

According to GameSpot, “ReCore” is from renowned “Mega Man” designer Keiji Inafune and was made with the help of Joule voice actor Erika Soto (“Halo Wars 2”), Dr. Adams voice actor Connor Trinner (“Stargate Atlantis” and “Star Trek: Enterprise”) and Kai Brehn voice actor Harry Shum Jr. (“Glee” and “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”).

"ReCore" is slated for release for the Xbox One and PC come Sept. 13. Since it is the first Xbox Play Anywhere title, players can access and play the game or pick up where they left of using another supported device.