ABC Family changed their name to Freeform, but they’re sticking with the content they know: teen drama. Their latest series, “Recovery Road,” follows Maddie (Jessica Sula), a teenager who gets sent to rehab to avoid being kicked out of school for alcohol possession. While she initially thinks that she doesn’t need a sober living facility, she might realize that her dependency on drugs and alcohol isn’t exactly normal. Here’s what to expect from the drama:

1. Forbidden Romance – Recovering addicts aren’t supposed to get into relationships right away. These teens are going to struggle with that rule. Even though Maddie has a boyfriend, she bonds with Wes (Sebastian De Souza) immediately.

2. Secret Pasts – Everyone has secrets. Maddie finds Rebecca (Lindsay Pearce), someone she used to be friends with, in rehab. While their story isn’t fully explained, they aren’t the only ones with dramatic pasts. Everyone in the house is a recovering addict. They all have things they’re hiding.

3. Two Worlds – Maddie goes to school by day and a sober living house by night, but she never wants the two to meet. However, the student can only live a double life for so long.

“She's going to have to carry on making up excuses about why she can't go here or there and everywhere,” Sula told TV Guide. “She's suddenly going to be shutting people out so it's a choice of whether she's going to be honest or not or if she's just going to keep up appearances. That's the journey of the season. Is she an addict and how is she going to keep up living in two worlds?”

Watch a “Recovery Road” Season 1 trailer below:

4. A Virgin – In the world of teen dramas, everyone seems to be itching to lose their virginity. However, “Recovery Road” shows a main character who says very clearly that she is a virgin by choice.

5. Rehab Isn’t Forever – The writers know that Maddie can’t be living at the sober house for the rest of the series. “She’s not going to stay in for six years, we promise,” Executive Producer Bert V. Royal told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour (via The Wrap). They have a plan for what will happen after Maddie finishes the program.

6. Based On A Book – The TV show is based on the 2011 novel by Blake Nelson. The young adult book follows Maddie through several years of her life, but the Freeform drama will move at a slower pace. The first season is Maddie’s first month in rehab.

7. Watch It Now – If you’re not in the mood to wait for the premiere, you can watch the first three episodes online right now. Freeform currently isn’t requiring a password to watch these episodes, so they're free. Watch “Recovery Road” here

“Recovery Road” Season 1 premieres Monday at 9 p.m. EST after the winter premiere of “The Fosters” Season 3.