One refugee in Hungary has died Friday amid the chaos at the Bicske railway station, where several hundred refugees had been stranded while waiting for two days to board a train to Austria, authorities told the Associated Press. The man was among the refugees who broke through the Hungarian police’s barrier surrounding the station, which is about 20 miles west of Budapest.

Hungarian authorities tried to make the refugees go to a processing center, preventing them from traveling onward. The man who died was 50, and medics tried to revive him to no avail, authorities told the AP. No other details about his death or where he was from were immediately available.

This week, Hungarian authorities have stopped refugees from continuing on their journeys to Western Europe, where they hope to seek asylum. Authorities are constructing a razor-wire fence along Hungary’s border with Serbia to prevent more refugees from entering along that route. The parliament on Friday approved anti-migration laws in an attempt to stop the flow of refugees into the country. The laws carry penalties of prison time for illegally crossing Hungary’s borders.

Meanwhile, authorities in Greece reported Friday that a train hit and killed a Syrian as he was walking along train tracks after crossing the border from Turkey. The man was 45. Greece, like Hungary, has constructed a small fence along its border with Turkey to prevent migrants from traveling over the small land route that is otherwise blocked by the Ervos River.

The deaths in Hungary and Greece were two among what may be many as refugees continue dangerous sea crossings from the Middle East and North Africa to reach Europe. Deaths continue along the long land route to Western Europe, as well.

The International Organization for Migration said Friday approximately 5,000 refugees crossed the Aegean Sea this week into Greece. Deaths from sea crossings this year have already surpassed 2,300.