We can't get enough of Mary on The CW's “Reign,” but we can totally do without her new husband, Francis. We’ve been definitely rooting for the pair to pull through their marital issues (now that we’re shipping Bash and Kenna), but episode 19 was the final straw.

In honor of Francis’ latest screw up, we’re throwing him in the hot seat. Here's seven times that we think Francis was the absolute worst to Mary:

1. That one time when Francis told Olivia to stay at the castle:

Francis was engaged to Mary, but told his ex-flame, Olivia, to stay at the castle. Needless to say, Mary wasn't happy, but she took the high road with the French noble girl and offered her kindness. Unfortunately, Francis offered Olivia up a little too much kindness …

2. That one time when Francis hooked up with Olivia:

A fight with Mary sent Francis back into the arms (and bed) of Olivia. The real kicker was that while in bed, Francis called out Mary’s name, not Olivia’s. Now, he’s disrespecting his mistress and his fiancée.

Reign Francis should not have been getting hot and heavy with Olivia. Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

3. That one time when Francis knocked up Mary’s best friend:

Let’s start off by acknowledging that Mary was engaged to Francis’ brother, Bash, when Francis decided to have a roll in the sack with his ex-fiance’s best friend, Lola. But Mary wasn’t engaged to Bash because she was in love with him. She was engaged to him because Nostradamus had a vision that Francis would die if she married him. Obviously, Francis wasn’t supposed to wait around and pine after Mary. But he could have been honorable enough not to sleep with her friend. Shame on Lola, too.

4. That one time when Francis told Mary he’d accompany her to Scotland:

In episode 18, Francis promised to accompany Mary to Scotland, to help her mother. But after finding out about an assassination plot against her, he backtracked on his words. I guess this could also be Mary’s fault since she didn’t make him pinky promise. But come on Francis -- Mary’s the Queen of Scotland, of course, she’s going to have assassination plots against her.

5. That one time when Francis locked Mary in a tower:

When Mary insisted on going to Scotland, to help her mother, Francis took the next rational step and locked his wife up in a tower. Fortunately, episode 19 picked up a month later, when Francis released her. Otherwise, “Reign” fans would have got to see a ton of dirty looks through steel bars by Queen.

6. That one time when Francis wanted to knock Mary up and then leave for Scotland:

Mary was beyond grateful, an yet, a little scared, when Francis managed to convince her uncle to lend them an army to bring to Scotland. The catch was that Francis was going to accompany the men to Scotland. Francis scored one more roll in the hay before leaving on the long trip. And, he told Mary that when he returned, maybe she wouldn’t be the only one waiting for him.

REAL NICE, FRANCIS. You try and knock up your wife, and then take off so you don’t have to deal with her pregnancy or child birth.

7. That one time when Francis took Mary’s army:

Francis giveth, and Francis taketh away. He told Mary that he was leaving with her uncle’s army to help protect her mother in Scotland. But that’s not what happened. When King Henry revealed France’s plans to attack England, Francis offered up Mary’s uncle’s army, and completely put Mary’s mother’s safety on the backburner.

At the end of episode 19, Mary warned her friends that she wouldn’t let Francis put her country at risk again. And, we hope she stands by her word! Girl power! ... And go #TeamBash!