“Reign’s” freshman run on the CW has been all about love and war. Francis took a crushing blow earlier this season when he had not only his future wife ripped from him, but his crown as well. And while he has been missing in action for the past couple of episodes, “Royal Blood” will show that the former heir to the throne of France is back in the saddle.

As we previously reported, episode 12 of “Reign” will find Mary and Bash helping Queen Catherine rescue her two young children from Clarissa’s grasp. But all eyes will be on Francis when he finally returns to court. Like his half-brother, Francis will also be coming to the rescue of someone – Mary’s lady-in-waiting and good friend, Lola!

Lola will “attempt to help her brother with a debt he owes” in episode 12. And when things get a little grisly for the young woman, she’ll find that she has a very powerful ally on her side – Francis. Mary’s ex-fiancé will come to her rescue and the pair will reportedly “grow closer.”

How “close” will the pair get? A sneak peek video from “Royal Blood” definitely previews some sparks flying between Lola and Francis.

At a medieval casino, Lola tells her brother’s debt collector that she could repay him double the money if he gives her a week to collect it. But he’s not biting – because he wants Lola.

“You’re a lady of title,” the man tells her. “I’ve taken money from many a noble, but none of it treated me as an equal. I’d like to know what it feels like to touch what only they can touch. Do we have a deal?”

Before Lola can answer, the two are interrupted. “Pardon me,” says the mysterious gentleman. “I couldn’t help but overhear that this lady is to be played for this evening. My benefactor would like the chance to win her for himself.”

“She’s not available,” Lola’s debt collector counters. “She’s with me.”

The collector is offered double for Lola, and when he refuses the mysterious man’s benefactor makes himself known. “Four times then,” Francis says as he steps out. “Certainly the owner of the celebrated Burgundy house is not afraid of a simple wager.”

Lola’s shocked at Francis’ appearance but grateful that he intervened when her debt collector agrees to one cut of the cards. If the debt collector wins, Francis must owe him four times the debt and Lola. But if Francis wins, he demands that Lola’s debt be forgiven and that she is his.

Is Francis just acting noble? Or did we sense that something could be going on between the two? “Reign” viewers previously saw Lola alongside Bash before Mary’s proposal of marriage. But with Bash off the market and Francis freed up, it looks like Mary’s close friend may be swooping in on Francis! Furthermore, E! Online teases that fans will be in store for “one shocking hookup” in the upcoming episode. Fingers crossed that Francis finds love with love with Lola!

Episode 12 of “Reign” will air on the CW on Thursday at 9 p.m. Take the poll below and let us know what you think will happen in “Royal Blood” by sending a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

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