Brace yourselves, “Reign” fans. We’ve got a pretty crazy new theory about Lola and her new husband, Lord Julien.

As fans of the hit CW series know, Lola found herself in a bit of a situation – pregnant with Francis’ baby. Her pregnancy is a problem not only because she’s carrying the bastard son of the future King of France, or that she betrayed her best friend, but because a baby out of wedlock would bring great shame to her wealthy family.

Mary did her best to find Lola a suitable husband before her pregnancy began to show, but ultimately failed. It wasn’t until Greer botched her arranged marriage with Lord Julien that Lola finally got her shot at having one big happy family. But in usual “Reign” fashion, Lord Julien came with a pretty big twist.

Despite being completely smitten with Lola, the nobleman revealed that he didn’t want any children. Lord Julien explained that he had been married twice before, and that both of his wives had died during childbirth … something that he didn’t want happening to Lola.

After receiving this shocking bit of news, Lola still agreed to marry Lord Julien. However her guilt over hiding her pregnancy lead her to come clean to her fiancé.

“Reign” viewers will remember that Lord Julien broke off his engagement with Greer when he found her kissing Leith. Since Lola’s news is just as bad – or maybe even worse – fans initially thought that Lord Julien would end things with her as well. But in a surprising move he agreed to not only marry her, but push the wedding up so that she wouldn’t begin to show.

Lola was ecstatic about Lord Julien’s acceptance and the pair wed. However Lola is now growing suspicious of her new husband. And we have our own theory – He’s a bluebeard, the male version of a black widow.

“Bluebeard” is actually a French folktale by Charles Perrault about a nobleman who had a nasty little habit of murdering his wives. The wealthy man had several wives, all who just disappeared. The local townspeople knew that something suspicious was happening to the woman, and kept away from Bluebeard. However one day Bluebeard managed to convince a young girl to marry him.

Early on in their marriage, Bluebeard revealed that he would be leaving for a short time and gave a master key of the house to his new wife. He told her to enjoy herself … but never go into one room. The wife promised not to go into the room, but ended up breaking her vow. Opening the door, she discovered a blood stained floor and the bodies of her husband’s ex-wives hanging from the walls. Bluebeard discovered his wife’s betrayal, but her brother’s killed him before he had a chance to add her to his collection of dead wives.

So, why do we believe Lord Julien to be a bluebeard? For starters, he told Lola that he wouldn’t ask about her past if she wouldn’t ask about his. And when Lola tried to inquire about his family, the normally nice and respectful Lord quickly ended their conversation.

Lord Julien also seems to be focusing on Lola’s dowry since she comes from a wealthy family. While Lola wants to immediately leave the castle to begin their honeymoon trip and move on with their lives, her new husband wants to stick around the castle until they can settle her dowry. Lola found Lord Julien’s focus on her dowry to be strange, but it wasn’t until she discovered a fake gem in a necklace he gave her that she became outright suspicious. Greer tried to talk reason into her friend, however Lola’s uncertainty about her new husband lead her to ask for a hold to be kept on her dowry.

Could her imagination (and ours) simply be going wild? Perhaps. But it’s important to note that in episode 20, Lola will become “increasingly suspicious” that Lord Julien is going to betray her.”

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