Are you shipping Kennash? Despite “Reign” fans initial desire for Bash and Mary to get together, the hottest new couple in the French castle is none other than Bash and Kenna. While their relationship started off rocky, the past few episodes have revealed some sparks between the pair… and those sparks will soon be lighting one sexy fire.

For those unfamiliar with the hot new couple, Kenna started hooking up with King Henry – Bash’s father – at the start of the CW series. The King and his mistress became pretty serious, with Henry even moving Kenna into his bedroom. However the love didn’t last – despite Kenna’s best efforts. King Henry promised that he would set her up with a wealthy nobleman, but when he went crazy he decided to force a marriage between her and Bash.

Needless to say, Bash wasn’t happy about marrying his father’s mistress. And matters were only made worse by the fact that Bash was nursing a broken heart after Mary chose to wed his brother Francis over him.

Although the odds of a successful major between Kenna and Bash seemed slim, the two have developed a pretty amazing (and steamy) relationship. And according to TVLine, it’s only going to get better.

“Love changes you,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy dished to TVLine about Kenna. “That’s when you learn to sacrifice, so it’ll be interesting to see where that takes her.”

But what could Kenna possibly be sacrificing? Since she’s mainly been focused on wealth and property, the initial thought is that she’ll settle for a simpler life with the “Master of Horse and Hunt.” However Mary’s friend has already conned Queen Catherine into gifting her and Bash with some land far away from the castle. Love and the desire to please Bash may lead her to give that land away though.

Another theory on Kenna’s sacrifice could be linked to “The Darkness” – the mysterious beast in the woods that Bash has been hunting. Last time we saw the couple Kenna had been worried sick over Bash’s search party for the creature. And based off the synopsis for the next few episodes, we know that Bash isn’t going to stop hunting “The Darkness.” Will she be forced to sacrifice her own life to protect him?

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