Ready for it to “Reign” again? So are we! Unfortunately we still have months to wait for the sophomore season of the hit CW show. Season 2 will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 2, but we’ve got a teaser that is bound to make you wish the summer was over already.  

On Tuesday the “Reign” writers took to Twitter to post a photo that put fans into a tizzy.

“Big plans are brewing! #ReignOnTheMove,” the @ReignWriters tweeted.

The photo doesn’t show any scene from the Season 2 set of “Reign,” but instead is a shot of a piece of paper hanging on a burlap board. Tacked to the wall, the piece of paper simply states: “CLIFF-HANGER.”

Thanks to constant Twitter updates, we know that the CW series is already shooting episode 4. Since “Reign” is that far along, it’s possible that the “CLIFF-HANGER” photo can be referring to the script for the mid-season finale.

What could that cliffhanger possibly be? We’ve got five storylines that we’d love for “Reign” to explore in Season 2:

1. Mary vs. Lola – As we previously reported, things are going to get a little “awkward” for Francis, Mary and Lola after the birth of Francis and Lola’s love child. While Lola initially told Mary that she didn’t want anything to do with Francis, the baby could ultimately end up changing her mind. We’d love to see her at odds with Mary.

Another juicy plot line to explore would be if Francis followed his father, King Henry, in keeping a mistress on hand. Lola would be Francis’s “Diane” and Mary would turn into Catherine.

2. The “Evil” Child – Remember Pascal? He was the young child that Bash found in the woods toward the end of Season 1. The Darkness came for Bash, Kenna and Pascal in the season finale and was defeated by Bash – but not before he revealed that the plague would return if he didn’t sacrifice to the gods. The final words spoken by the Darkness was that Pascal needs to continue in his place.

Will Season 2 find Pascal turning “evil” and continuing where the Darkness left off? It would be very interesting for “Reign” to explore a hidden danger in Kenna’s midst.

3. The Return of Clarissa – Everyone believed that Mary killed Clarissa, but her body disappeared from the ditch she was thrown in. Since Nostradamus’ vision of Francis dying changed again, we’d love to see Clarissa return to wreak havoc on the castle.

4. A Royal Baby – “Reign” executive producer Laurie McCarthy told her loyal subjects at San Diego Comic-Con that the royal couple will definitely be trying to have a “Frary” baby this season. If Mary discovered that she was pregnant, a scandalous cliffhanger would be if Francis found himself in grave danger before she got a chance to tell him. Another potentially juicy angle would be if Mary got kidnapped … or if she went to tell Francis and walked in on him with Lola.

5. Adieu, France – Mary has talked about returning home to Scotland for some time now. While it’s been done in the past, a Season 2 cliffhanger could show Mary going against Francis’s wishes and fleeing the French castle for Scotland.

What would you like to see happen in Season 2 of “Reign”? Tweet your suggestions and ideas to @AmandaTVScoop.