Actor Corey Haim's mother spoke out for the first time on Wednesday about her son, who died suddenly on March 10, 2010.

Haim, who rose to fame in the 1980s acted in the films such as Lucas, the Lost Boys and License to Drive, where he partnered with fellow teen star Corey Feldman.

The Canadian actor died of pneumonia last year, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner. The result was issued several months after his death. In the meantime there was much speculation the cause and whether it had been the result of an overdose because prescription drugs were found nearby.

His mother, Judy, appeared on ABC's Good Morning American on Wednesday.

She said in the interview that she had moved in with Corey in the time before he died because she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. She said in Wednesday's interview that she had finished all her treatments and was in remission.

Asked how she had gotten through the year, she said it had been very difficult, to say the least.

She said she had been diagnosed in July of 2009 and went to live with her son while fighting the disease.

He was awesome, she said of her son. He went to every single doctor with me. He went through the chemo with me.

In the day prior to his death, she said that as they usually did, she and her son went to play Frisbee on the tennis courts of the apartment they were living in. She said they usually played close to an hour. On that day he asked her if she wanted to go play, and she said yes.

We played for about 30 seconds and he says, you know what mom I'm not feeling too well. Let's go back, she said.

The next morning she says she came back from a radiation treatment and said Corey started with a fever.

He started getting sick, she said. The entire day was spent monitoring his fever, putting compresses on his head and giving him a whole lot of drinks.

It wasn't anything at all that I would have worried about, you know, except just 101 fever, whatever it was. He told me his chest and his back were hurting him. Can I please rub it and I did with Vicks, back and forth.

When asked if Corey ever talked to her about the pressures of being a young star, Judy said no.

He didn't have to talk to me about that, really. I mean I was there from day one, you know. So he didn't, she said.

Judy said that through his talent agency Sterling Talent, Corey was fully booked for 2010.

He was merely sick that day. He died in my arms, she said. She said didn't find out exactly what the cause of death was until the coroner's report was released, she said.

She also said the speculation about her son's death the day after really upset me badly.

She was asked if there was anything as a parent that she could have done differently to help, but she said there wasn't.

Absolutely not, she said. Corey's answer was the same way. People asked him that all the time. I wouldn't have been here today if we didn't go through our path.

She told of a new grandchild being born, her experience fighting cancer, and the loss of her son, who was my best friend in the whole wide world.

So with all the struggles, I just want to honor his memory, she said. With the one year anniversary close, she said it's extremely hard to believe he's not here.

Judy also thanked his fans, of whom she said many truly understood her son.

The letters that I received. Hundreds of them, from all over the world were so heartbreaking I couldn't even read them for like over six months, she said. Cause I read one and I put it down. And I read another one and I put it down. There's no way. I just recently answered every one of them back and thanked them all. There were true, true real fans that actually really understood him, funny enough. They got him.

I just want everyone to remember him for the wonderful human being he was and a great actor, she said.