The ongoing healthcare reforms cannot be isolated from the controversy that has exposed President Barack Obama's desperation to tag along his mother, who was often portrayed as a victim of health care insurers.

It is ironical to note that this revelation might impact the ongoing healthcare debate and comes at a time when healthcare reforms add new initiatives. The situation stands grave especially for senior citizens.

As the onus falls on individuals to arrange self insurance in the long run, there is a growing built up of healthcare issues; especially those pertaining to senior citizens and Medicare part D. The proposed Medicare program cut would not only take away quality care but would also extend the current prescription waiting time for the elderly.

So, does it matter still if Ann Dunham did manage to get her dues? New York Times reporter Janny Scott's expose' chronicled in her book, A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother, takes us back to the pre-Presidential election campaigns of 2008. Was Presidential candidate Barack Obama worthy in sharing his fears on the inadequacy of the alleged discrepancy in the health insurance sector?

It now seems that Barack Obama sought to bring his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in the public domain in a bid to satisfy his hunger for the White House might. At a town hall meeting in August 2009, Barack Obama threw in an emotional dictate by discussing his mother, Ann Dunham's tryst with cancer. He noted that his mother spent her last months before her death in 1995, battling with insurance companies who tried to deny her requisite coverage for her treatment. While the then Presidential candidate sought to garner empathy through this tale, the bubble seem to have burst as the 'real truth' remains shamelessly exposed in the new book by Janny Scott.

Whether the new revelation impacts the current health reform policy is yet to be seen. What is noteworthy could be to ponder on how the news has managed to shore up media space. In fact, similar faux pas stories by other Presidential candidates in the past have surfaced overnight which could perhaps rationalize Obama's 'state' in narrating his tale.

An Op-Ed piece by Milton R. Wolf of the Washington Times notes how Democratic Vice President Al Gore lied to have claimed his sister's lung cancer death formed the foundation of his anti-tobacco politics. In another instance, Democratic President Bill Clinton had falsely reminisced about his painful childhood memories of black churches being burned down in his state.

With the White House not disputing Jane Scott's version of Obama's fabrication of the alleged health care norms, mum's definitely the word.

Will this revelation then help to bestow faith in the ongoing past and Presidential healthcare reform measures?