A wind-fueled brush fire that has been raging south of Reno since Thursday is now 50 percent contained but at least 20 homes have been destroyed, authorities said.

The Associated Press reported that one person has died in the fire area. However, it is uncertain if the fire is to be blamed for the death.

Mark Regan, spokesman for the Sierra Fire Protection District, told AP the fire is holding steady at about 3,700 acres. Some 2,000 people remainĀ evacuated at this time, the report noted.

The blaze began Thursday afternoon in the Pleasant Valley area south of Reno and scorched more than 3,000 acres four hours later, according to Reuters. Seven residential neighborhoods and two schools were evacuated.

Wind gusts of up to 82 mph have made the Reno fire fast-moving and more than 700 people are expected to fight the blaze on Friday. Law enforcement, National Guard crews and firefighters fromĀ California will be a part of the crew working to douse the flames, according to AP.