After days of denials, Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY on Monday admitted to sending a bulging underpants crotch photo to a Seattle woman and personal photos to six women in total, prompting House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA to call for an ethics investigation to determine if official resources were used.

I am deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation; for Anthony's wife, Huma, his family, his staff and his constituents, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a released statement.

I am calling for an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred.

Weiner said he continuously lied about the tweet scandal over the past 10 days since the situation broke and did not want that and the other incidents to known.

I was embarrassed and I didn't want it to lead to more embarrassing lies, Weiner said, explaining why he had lied to his constituents and the press.

The admission comes on the day when a website run by conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted new photos which were said to be sent by Weiner. The photos showed a man's chest and Weiner shirtless.

He apologized to the 21-year old woman who was sent the photo and to his wife.

He called the incident a personal failing.

Weiner also responded to a reporter's question asking if there were 'x-rated' photos of him. Weiner did not deny it.

He called tweet incident incident a huge and regrettable mistake and apologized to the 21 year-old student in Seattle who initially received the mistake, saying he had disrupted her life.

He also denied breaking the law and said he would not resign.

Weiner also admitted to sending six online relationships with women over the past three years which he met through online social networks.

Ahead of Weiner's press conference at a Sheraton hotel in Manhattan, conservative blogger and website manager Andrew Breitbart showed up prompting questions from reporters as to why he was there.

Breitbart, whose, initially broke the tweet story, said he expected Weiner's comments to vindicate his work.

Everything we've reported about this ... has been true.