“Resurrection” Season 2 episode 3 took a look at the every day life of some of the Returned. Margaret (Michelle Fairley) settled into Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille’s (Frances Fisher) home and made herself a little too comfortable, and Deputy Carl (Chris Berry) adjusted to life with his secret Returned brother (Glenn Fleshler). Bellamy (Omar Epps) couldn’t really relax and adjust to life as a Returned though. He had to investigate the human bones that showed up in the river.

Tom (Mark Hildreth) started a new church specifically for the Returned and baptized them in the river, but after Barbara (April Billingsley) was baptized, she tripped on a skull. Investigators soon found six bodies in the river.

Maggie (Devin Kelley) could tell that the bones had been buried previously and hadn’t been in the river long. Her father Fred (Matt Craven) thanked her for helping, but she gave him the cold shoulder. Maggie called Bellamy and told him that the bodies were from the 1930s and might be Returned. She also found trauma wounds on the bodies that indicated they were murdered.

Margaret interrupted her granddaughter’s investigation when she visited and pressured Maggie to reconnect with her father. She told Maggie that the Returned shouldn’t be here. She argued that they didn’t deserve a second chance at life. “We’re not saints, and [Fred is] the only one who has had the courage to say it,” Margaret said.

Margaret was overstepping her bounds throughout “Resurrection” Season 2 episode 3. She reorganized Lucille’s kitchen and pressured Lucille and Henry to send Jacob (Landon Gimenez) back to school. The Langstons went to the elementary school and met with Principal Hayes (Tom Hillman)—a man Jacob went to school with before he died. However they still weren’t sure that Jacob would be safe there.

Bellamy was also adjusting to life as a Returned. Although he didn’t really have much to get used to, he was still haunted by dreams of death. Bellamy stopped by Tom’s new church and revealed that he died. Bellamy thought he might have been born in Arcadia. He was adopted, so he didn’t know his origins. Tom suggested that Bellamy should look for his body because it might give him some closure.

Bellamy took an agent hostage to get to his still unnamed boss (Donna Murphy). She agreed to let him see his body, but Bellamy didn’t look for long. He backed away and went to Tom. The pastor put up an unmarked cross in the cemetery for him, and they gave him a makeshift funeral.

This episode also took viewers inside the life of Deputy Carl Enders. Carl was hiding his brother Mikey, who was a Returned. Carl was taking care of him, but Mikey just kept picking on him. He criticized everything Carl did and claimed that Carl owed him for something he did to their mom and dad. It sounded like they killed their parents. After criticizing his food, Carl shot Mikey. He carried his brother’s body into the basement and started to bury him—but Mikey was back before he even finished burying the body. Carl didn’t even look surprised. This has clearly happened before.

Fred went to the factory and found the hole in the floor that Margaret made last week. He found a small bone in the area, but he ignored it. There weren't full skeletons, which confirms that the bodies in the river were the bodies Margaret dug up last week. Late that night, he went to the coroner’s office to see Maggie. He told her that there was no new evidence, conveniently ignoring the bone he found in the factory.

“Resurrection” Season 2 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC. Why is Fred hiding evidence? Is it because its his family’s factory or does he know about Margaret’s past? Sound off in the comments section below!