“Resurrection” Season 2 is almost finished, but that doesn’t mean the action is slowing down. Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) is once again in danger, and the new preacher will cause trouble in episode 12, according to the latest synopsis. With one episode until the “Resurrection” Season 2 finale (which might be a series finale since the show has yet to be renewed), the show is kicking the drama into high gear.

Despite being held hostage by the wife of her child's father and nearly killing herself, Rachael seemed to finally be on the right track. Unfortunately, she won’t be there for long. Rachael’s unborn child has been considered a sort of miracle, but Preacher James (Jim Parrack) doesn’t believe that. Despite the child’s speedy development and the stem cells that helped cure the Returned virus, Preacher James believes the baby will “unleash an ancient evil,” the synopsis teases. He’ll likely plan to stop the baby from being born, but that isn’t what causes Bellamy (Omar Epps) to protect Rachael. He fears for her and the baby’s safety “after a series of inexplicable events.”

James won’t just be making predictions. He’ll be making some new alliances as well.

Margaret (Michelle Fairley) “forms an uneasy alliance with Preacher James,” according to the synopsis. Of course, that will be after she “rallies the Returned at the government facility.” The Langston matriarch is in the facility with the unclaimed Returned and they believe she is pretty powerful. They think she can make them disappear at will, so they’re willing to do whatever she says.

Bellamy’s government boss Angela (Donna Murphy) will warn him “that something big is on the horizon,” and it might be connected to those “inexplicable events.” The “Resurrection” trailer below hints at the new reveal. It seems more of the Returned are on their way. Watch the promo for “Resurrection” Season 2, episode 12 below:

“Resurrection” Season 2, episode 12, titled “Steal Away,” airs Sunday, Jan. 18 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Do you think Rachael’s baby could be evil? Sound off in the comments section below!