“Resurrection” is going to be on a hiatus until Nov. 30, but it looks like Bellamy (Omar Epps) will be back in action when the show returns. After Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) was miraculously healed, the Returned have a new death threat to worry about. Members of a group called the True Living started painting upside down red crosses on the doors to identify where the Returned lived. It looks like they’ll continue to terrorize Arcadia, according to the synopsis for “Resurrection” Season 2, episode 8.

Tom (Mark Hildreth) will find his new church filling up quickly as “fear and anti-Returned rhetoric intensifies,” the synopsis teases. Bellamy will find himself working with the Sheriff (Matt Craven) to track down members of the True Living and stop them, but law enforcement might not be able to put an end to their reign of terror. Deputy Carl (Christopher Berry) joined the group last week and he clearly believes that the Returned shouldn’t be in Arcadia. Will the True Living listen to the Sheriff or the Deputy?

As if hate crimes weren’t enough to worry about, the Returned still have to be careful of the virus. Although Rachael was cured, the others are still fighting the virus. Maggie is working on a cure, and she’ll come close to finding a cure “until the unimaginable happens.” It seems that a kidnapping and a hate crime will bring her work to a halt. As their doctor, Maggie knows almost all of the Returned—could the True Living kidnap her?

Watch the promo for “Resurrection” Season 2, episode 8 below:

“Resurrection” Season 2, episode 8, titled “Forsaken,” airs Sunday, Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Do you think the True Living will hurt someone fans love? Sound off in the comments section below!