It’s been over two years since the Season 1 finale of “The Returned,” or “Les Revenants,” aired in France on Canal+. The series was a hit oversees before making its way to SundanceTV, and now US viewers can finally find out what happened to the small mountain town after “The Horde.” But before Season 2 premieres on Halloween night, refresh your memory with a brief recap of the jaw dropping events from episode 8.

The Season 1 finale, titled ‘The Horde,” kicks off with a flashback to the village 35 years prior, the day that the old dam burst. Victor (Swann Nambotin), along with his younger brother and mother, survived the flood, but not everyone was as lucky. Madame Costa (Laetitia de Fombelle) believes that the lives lost could have been prevented, and warns Victor’s mother that the dead will get revenge for what happened to them.

Episode 8 cuts to another flashback -- this time only one week ago. A man, who appears to have originally died during the flood 35 years ago, climbs up to the same road that Camille (Yara Pilartz) resurfaced at. He spots Camille walking ahead of him, but she doesn't stop when he calls for her. The scene reveals that Camille wasn’t the only one who returned that day -- there were hundreds of others, but they never made it to town.

Cut back to present day, Julie (Céline) and Laure (Alix Poisson) failed to escape town with Victor. Instead they spent the night in their car on the road above the dam. In the morning they find Toni (Grégory Gadebois) standing on the edge ready to jump. Julie convinces him to step down and Laure quickly arrests him for shooting the police officer the previous week. However, they have a bigger problem on their hands. The horde of the undead arrive – and they want Victor.

Meanwhile, Chloé (Brune Martin) confronts Adèle (Clotilde Hesme) about Simon (Pierre Perrier) and her attempted suicide. She wants to see her dad again but Adéle won’t risk it. She locks her daughter in her room.

Elsewhere, Claire (Anne Cosnsigny) is dealing with Camille. The teen was finally able to fall asleep for the first time since returning, however, when she wakes up Claire discovers that her daughter’s face is decaying. Lena (Jenna Thiam) quickly whisks her away to hide it with a little makeup, but there is no denying that something is happening to Camille. And unfortunately for Simon, the same thing is happening to him.

More strange things are continuing around town. Thomas (Samir Guesmi) goes to the abandoned Lake Pub and finds another one of the returned in the bathroom. But this man is not like Simon, Camille and Victor. He’s more zombie-like and makes an attempt to run at Thomas. The cop immediately shoots him in the chest.

Like Thomas, Laure also knows that something bad is happening. She wants Julie to hand Victor to the others, but Julie refuses to abandon him. However, she might want to rethink that. While Laure and Julie have a discussion outside the car, Victor uses his supernatural powers to make Toni hallucinate his brother, Serge (Guillaume Gouix). Toni’s guilt about killing Serge eats away at him, and Victor uses that to force Toni to shoot himself in the gut.

Things continue to get spooky when something opens up Chloé’s locked bedroom door. Adèle races downstairs to find her daughter with Simon and Lucy. She starts freaking out when Lucy walks away with Chloé, but her dead fiancé reveals something that leaves her in shock -- she’s pregnant with his baby. Frightened by Simon, Adèle stabs him in the stomach and hides in the laundry room. Simon tries to get in, but Lucy draws him away. Thomas returns to the house to find Adèle and brings her to the Helping Hand for safety.

Meanwhile at the Helping Hand, Pierre (Jean-François Sivadier) sets Julie up with everything she needs to help Toni. But unfortunately not much else can be done. He dies from the bullet wound just as Serge finds him. Needless to say, seeing Serge sends Julie into shock. However, Serge doesn’t remember his victim.

Serge isn’t the only surprise arrival at the Helping Hand. A police officer discovers the Horde heading towards the building. With this new knowledge, the police gather to protect those seeking shelter there. But they quickly discover that they are no match. Although they have guns, there are over 100 of the returned surrounding the safe haven.

The horde is led by Lucy, who has a message for Thomas. She will return Chloé, but in exchange he needs to hand over the others like them. Thomas immediately goes to fetch the others, but Pierre stays behind. He tells Lucy that her people are welcome and that he can help. However, Lucy reveals that they don’t need his help.

Thomas forces Madame Costa to go and she doesn’t put up a fight. But the same can’t be said for Victor and Camille’s loved ones. Julie makes the decision to follow Victor, and Claire does the same for Camille.

Thomas forces everyone to go inside while the exchange is made. He gets Chloé back, but not before Simon whispers something in her ear. And that’s not all. Lucy tells him that he’s missing one person -- Adèle. Thomas refuses to hand Adèle over, despite Lucy’s threat that they’ll come back for her. Instead, the police officers close the building up while they protect it from the outside.

The Season 1 finale of “The Returned” ends with Chloé telling her mom that the returned want her baby. Those locked inside the Helping Hand hear gunfire go off and something slamming against the building. However, the next day, no one is outside. The police officers are missing and the returned are gone.

Season 2 of “The Returned” premieres on SundanceTV Saturday, Oct. 31 at 10 p.m. ET. Watch the trailer for Season 2 below or catch up on Season 1 on Netflix: