The cat’s out of the bag! But the question remains, what will Emily (Emily VanCamp) do with the truth she learned about her father in episode 4 of “Revenge”? David’s (James Tupper) twisted storyline will continue to play out (at a slow-burning pace) as Season 4 of the hit ABC series continues.

According to the synopsis of episode 5, which will air on Monday, Oct. 26, Emily will waste no time trying to reunite with her father (whom she thought was dead) in “Repercussions.” But as you can expect, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) will manage to turn Emily’s plan inside out when she puts her designer-dressed foot in front of her nemesis’ scheme.

“Where the hell is my father?” Emily demands of Victoria in a 1-minute-and-42-second sneak peek video for next week’s episode. David’s daughter then barges into Victoria’s home, looking to locate her dad (who Victoria managed to get to first). Because of the timing, Victoria was able to convince David that Emily was the one standing in their way of having a happily ever after. That’s why David snuck into Emily’s house to kill her. Fortunately, his plan was foiled, thanks to Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and his shaky gunshot.

“You’re so desperate to turn him against me,” Emily says in the sneak peek. But as Victoria so boldly stated, the only one who could cause chaos in Emily’s future relationship with David is Emily.

“Now what exactly is your plan once you do find him, Emily? I will not destroy the memory of his child. You may have that honor -- if you truly are that cruel,” Victoria responds.

Emily rebuts that that only thing cruel about the situation is how Victoria ripped her away from her dad and poisoned her mind of every good memory she had of him. It’s at that moment where Emily even toys with the idea of killing Victoria. “Now that I could live with,” she says at the thought of causing Victoria’s death.

And of course, our sassy-mouthed villain had a response for that, too. She questions what David will do when he finds out his daughter went on a killing spree in his name.

“I wonder what he’ll feel. Guilt? Shame? Your plan was perfect, Emily, say for one detail. Your father is alive and now you must live with the repercussions of what you’ve done," Victoria says.

“And so will you. I’ll make sure of it,” Emily threatens.

That’s when Victoria dares Emily to tell her father the truth.

“Then tell him or stay hidden in this pathetic identity. Either way, it will be tremendous fun to watch,” she concludes.

What do you think will happen in Season 4, episode 5 of "Revenge"? Sound off with your theories below before "Repercussions" airs Sunday, Oct. 26, at 10 p.m. EDT.