The name says it all. The title for next week’s installment warns that “Revenge” is about to ratchet up the intensity when “Madness” airs on Sunday, Jan. 11. But we could have told you that – especially considering how the midseason premiere concluded. In “Epitaph,” viewers were introduced to the Hamptons’ biggest, baddest villain yet with the debut of Malcolm Black (portrayed by the “Sons of Anarchy” star Tommy Flanagan).

Prior to meeting Malcolm, David (James Tupper) warned viewers that his enemy’s appearance on the drama-ridden island would be met with consequences. See, Malcolm is similar to Emily (Emily VanCamp) in his thirst for revenge. If someone he loves is killed, he won’t stop until they pay – and by pay we mean brutally torture and then kill them.

Jack (Nick Wechsler) murdered Malcolm’s daughter after she inadvertently killed Daniel (Joshua Bowman) while attempting to off Emily. That means Malcolm will be hunting down all those involved in his daughter’s death (which he still thinks is only a disappearance). When we met Malcolm, he was disguised as an FBI agent asking the whereabouts of his colleague Agent Kate Taylor (Courtney Ford), who never returned after her stint in the Hamptons. After revealing that Kate was working with rookie officer Jack, Chief Alvarez (Nestor Serrano) soon became suspicious of the alleged agent. That ultimately led to Malcolm killing the authority figure and dragging his corpse into the car.

So, what will happen when “Revenge” returns? Well, according to the synopsis for episode 12, “Madness” will focus around the storyline of David finally deciding to “settle his debt” with Victoria (Madeline Stowe). In the winter premiere, David revealed to his daughter that once Victoria came forward as the person who blamed him for the terrorist attack, he was plotting her death. And it looks like his plan for her demise is still in motion.

While David continues his plotting, Emily will help Nolan (Gabriel Mann) with a “takedown of his own.” Could this have something to do with Louise (Elena Satine) snooping through his things per Victoria? Guess we know where the sweet Southerner’s loyalty lies after all.

"Revenge" will return with episode 12, “Madness,” on Sunday, Jan. 11, at 10 p.m. EST.