Daniel (Joshua Bowman) may be dead but the drama certainly isn’t. “Revenge” made its Season 4 winter premiere Sunday with the show’s anticipated installment “Epitaph.” The title for episode 11 suggested to fans the hit ABC series would focus the midseason premiere around Hamptonites saying one last goodbye to the man who saved Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) life.

“Epitaph” kicked off with Victoria (Madeline Stowe) finding her son dead, lying in a pool of his own blood. Needless to say, she was a wreck and immediately blamed Emily for Daniel’s demise. But Emily explained to her father (James Tupper) it was Agent Kate (Courtney Ford), Malcolm Black’s (Tommy Flanagan) daughter, who was behind the fatal chaos. David was upset when Emily confirmed her entanglement in the Malcolm business (he had begged her to butt out) because now they would all feel the wrath of his arch nemesis for the death of Malcolm's daughter. (Apparently Malcolm takes his vengeance-seeking to a whole new level.)

That’s when David came up with a plan to make sure Malcolm wouldn’t know his daughter was dead -- at least not have her blood on their hands. So, he concocted a story that made it look as though Daniel had an altercation with Emily, fought his way into her home and was killed by his daughter in self-defense. But Victoria wasn’t exactly pleased with David’s plan, which transformed her son’s heroic act into a monstrous one.

Ben (Brian Hallisay) noticed Emily was a little shaky with her Daniel-broke-in-storyline in her statement to police. “I hope it’s all true,” he said to Jack (Nick Wechsler) with skepticism. That’s why Jack decided to call on Nolan (Gabriel Mann), the world’s savviest technician, to help align Emily’s flimsy recall.

One of the repercussions of Kate’s death, you know, besides Malcolm wanting their heads on a platter, was Victoria and Emily becoming roommates -- not a happy living arrangement. But David wasn’t interested in their bickering. If Emily hadn't gotten involved with Malcolm, and if Victoria wasn’t a treacherous villain, then maybe they wouldn’t have to bunk together.

The twosome became a threesome when Margaux (Karine Vanasse) paid Daniel’s mother a visit. Daniel’s baby momma explained she didn’t buy Emily’s story of Daniel breaking into her home and hassling his ex-wife. When she last spoke to him, moments before his death, he was happy and excited to become a father, according to Margaux. That’s why she had decided to prove Emily’s story was false. But when she sought Victoria's help, Victoria declined. Instead, she went along with Emily’s fabricated statement. After Margaux stormed out, Victoria looked up at her spying roommate. “You’re welcome,” she said.

Louise (Elena Satine) used Daniel’s death as a way to cozy up to the Grayson matriarch in episode 11. But her baking soon turned to snooping when viewers caught Louise sifting through Nolan’s personal belongings. (She’s currently living with Nolan until she gets back on her feet.)

Meanwhile, as Louise snooped Ben pried during his cross-examination of Emily. Despite her fragile condition, he needed to speak with her to clear up a few fuzzy details from her original statement. Her story just wasn’t matching up to the facts. That’s when Emily brought her A-game to the table, using the truth behind her tumultuous past with Daniel to get off scot-free.

However, that wouldn’t be the last time Emily’s story would be questioned. Margaux confronted Emily about who really was behind her beloved’s death. Margaux explained she would make it her life's mission to punish Emily for what happened to Daniel. (Sound familiar?) The pregnant mourner even banned Emily from attending the funeral with Victoria's approval.

The day of Daniel’s funeral, Emily begged her father to let her in on his plan prior to Daniel’s death. David dished if things had gone his way, they would be attending Victoria’s funeral instead of Daniel’s. But when Emily questioned her dad if he still had the intentions of seeing Victoria six feet under, he wavered. Is Victoria still on his hit list?

The winter premiere concluded with Flanagan making his “Revenge” debut. Malcolm appeared in the Hampton’s seeking missing FBI agent, Kate Taylor. But thanks to a detail-orientated officer who noticed his not-so-FBI-like license plate, his cover was blown. Thus marked Malcolm’s first east coast kill.

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