revenge season 4 spoilers
Tommy Flanagan will join "Revenge" Season 4 as Malcolm Black, a major recurring villain. Reuters

Prepare yourself, Hamptonites, because “Revenge” will be welcoming a new “powerful and dangerous” villain to the ABC series when Season 4 returns in 2015 from its winter hiatus. According to reports, recently cast recurring character (set to appear in episode 11, the show’s midseason premiere) will make even the most menacing masterminds from the drama series look like novices.

TVLine reported a well-recognized actor would be taking on the major role of Malcolm Black, a “high-functioning psychopath” with an in depth memory who will seek vengeance from all those who have crossed him. Any guesses on who could be portraying the role of this “self-made, cold-calculating” character? It’s none other than “Sons of Anarchy” fan favorite Tommy Flanagan!

As “Sons of Anarchy” concludes its seventh and final season, Flanagan has decided to segue from the biker drama and gear toward a series with a more villainous role than he played on the hit FX series. Just how villainous you ask? Well, according to reports, when it comes to protecting his family and fortune, the relentless Malcolm will do just about anything -- even if that means torturing an innocent man (James Tupper) for years and years.

It was theorized Flanagan would be taking on the role of the antihero who held Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) father David hostage for the time he was presumed dead. In episode 8 of “Revenge,” viewers got a taste of this storyline when David revealed to his daughter that it wasn’t Conrad (Henry Czerny) who had him locked away as a prisoner, but a rival of the Grayson patriarch. He dished the maniac threatened to kill Amanda if David didn’t follow the mysterious villain’s every command.

David refused to give Emily the name of his captor, blatantly telling her he didn’t want her getting involved in such a messy situation. But it looks like the truth of who the anonymous villain is will be revealed when episode 11 airs.

Do you think Flanagan will be taking on the role of David’s wicked jailer? Sound off in the comments section below with you thoughts and make sure to tune in to “Revenge” when episode 9 airs Sunday, Nov. 20, at 10 p.m. EST.