Did Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) -- or should we say Amanda Clarke -- just make a new enemy? It sure looked that way when episode 19 of “Revenge” concluded. The final scene in the Season 4 episode "Exposure" showed a mysterious character circling Amanda’s face with the iconic red Sharpie.

But who is hunting Emily down now that she's revealed her true identity? Well, in promo photos for an upcoming episode titled “Aftermath,” it was teased that a character from Emily’s past will resurface in the upcoming installment.

That’s right, Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) will be slipping back into Em’s life when the April 26 episode airs --  but David’s (James Tupper) daughter might not be too anxious to have the writer back in the Hamptons.

For those who don’t remember, Mason was an accomplice in putting David behind bars for a terrorist attack he had no part in. Emily then sought revenge against Mason, which resulted in him being sentenced to prison. Mason spent his incarceration time writing the true crime story of the Clarke family, which he threatened to hand over to Victoria (Madeline Stowe). So, Emily faked Mason’s death and broke him out of prison to coerce him not to reveal her secrets. But it looks like her former foe is back from the dead -- with an agenda.

revenge season 4 spoilers Emily (Emily VanCamp, right) and Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart, left) will reunite in "Revenge" during the episode titled "Aftermath." Photo: ABC

Not much is known about Mason’s return (or his motives, for that matter) except that in the recently released images of “Aftermath,” he and Emily furtively meet in Em’s car. The reprisal of Bart’s character will also occur following a “devastating” fire that tears through a Hamptons home.

The synopsis for “Aftermath” teases that Emily will “sift through the wreckage of her life,” causing her closest friends to “worry that she’s finally gone too far.” Does that mean it will be Emily’s beloved beach home that ends up scorched? If so, what will that have to do with Mason’s return? Will he play a hand in the fiery plot? It will be interesting to see whether Mason returns to the Hamptons as a friend or foe to the Clarkes.

Sound off in the comments section below with your theories on what Mason’s return will mean for Emily/Amanda, and don’t forget to tune in to “Revenge” when episode 20, “Burn,” airs on Sunday, April 19.