The cat’s officially out of the bag! In tonight’s installment of “Revenge,” Emily (Emily VanCamp) finally revealed the truth that she’s been holding onto since the ABC series first premiered four years ago: her true identity.

“I am David Clarke’s (James Tupper) daughter. I am Amanda Clarke,” she said at the Groundbreaking Gala event for the new wing to the Hampton’s hospital. So why did Emily -- or should we say Amanda? -- unveil the show’s best-kept secret? Well, it was to clear the name of her late ex-husband Daniel (Joshua Bowman), the man who saved her life and died in the process.

In episode 18 Amanda explained to her father she planned on clearing Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) name at the prestigious event out of guilt for what had happened to Margaux (Karine Vanasse). In the previous installment, Margaux had lost her child after getting hit by a car -- an accident that took place just seconds after the pregnant journalist and Emily got into an argument regarding Daniel’s demise. Emily was trying to make peace with Margaux but the only way Daniel’s baby mama would end the war was if Emily revealed her birth name.

As harsh as Margaux was, Amanda understood where her enemy was coming from -- after all she once went through hell and back to clear the name of her father. And although Amanda planned on revealing her identity for Margaux’s sake, the truth would ultimately compromise both Ben (Brian Hallisay) and Jack (Nick Wechsler). The two men corroborated Emily’s story the night Daniel had died, which would make them guilty of obstruction of justice.

Jack and Ben both seemed uneasy with the idea of Amanda telling the truth, especially because it could ultimately affect them when it came to Ben’s job and Jack’s child. But after thoughtful consideration, Jack caved, giving Amanda his blessing to reveal the truth. (Is it even possible for him to say no to Amanda?)

Other Major Moments From Episode 18 Of “Revenge”:

End of an Era

Louise (Elena Satine) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) finally called it quits in tonight’s episode. But we can’t say for certain if their divorce will be a clean one considering Louise did overhear her hubby calling her pitiful. Will Louise back stab Nolan by helping Victoria (Madeline Stowe) get the dirt on her spouse?

Courtney the Killer

Courtney Love made her “Revenge” debut in tonight’s episode as an assassin hired to put an end to Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke. But after a change of heart, Margaux (who previously told Victoria that Emily had pushed her into on coming traffic resulting in the death of her baby) canceled the bloody order.

Jealous Lover

Ben claimed he wasn’t envious of Emily’s relationship with Jack but the recent arrival of his brother made him question his girlfriend’s loyalty. Could we be seeing a duel between Ben and Jack in the near future?

What did you think of tonight's installment of "Revenge"? Were you surprised Emily revealed her true identity as Amanda Clarke? Sound off in the comments section below.