The Hamptons was buzzing with talk in episode 19 of “Revenge” since Emily (Emily VanCamp) revealed the truth of her identity. In fact, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) announced Em’s revelation was so groundbreaking, the hashtags #Amanda and #Emily had both started to trend on Twitter as the world attempted to decipher which alias to call the daughter of David Clarke (James Tupper).

“Emily no longer exists,” Emily confirmed, kicking off Sunday night’s installment.

While Emily and Nolan discussed the future for Amanda, Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and Louise (Elena Satine) decided to team up to discuss Amanda’s fate. The first step of their plan to take down Amanda involved hiring the “next Nolan Ross” to help with the technical aspect of Victoria’s vengeance-seeking plot. The second step required convincing Louise Nolan was just as responsible as Amanda for the chaos caused throughout the years.

“My God, Victoria I had no idea what she put you through,” Louise said after Victoria revealed Emily had her locked up in a mental institution. “But Nolan? Are you sure he was involved?”

With a quick click of the mouse, Victoria exposed the incriminating files stolen from Nolan’s computer, which linked him to Emily’s antics.

“That lying bastard,” Louise responded after learning the truth.

Following her one-on-one with Victoria, Louise confronted Nolan about Emily’s admission, asking her spouse if he knew her deep dark secret all along. Nolan said he did and he was sorry he had kept it hidden from her but Louise wasn't interested in an apology.

“You are a man of many secrets, Nolan,” she said, adding they were never truly the “wonder twins” -- his other half could never be anyone but Emily.

That wasn’t the only breakup of the night. Ben (Brian Hallisay) also called it quits with Emily after she revealed her identity on live TV -- without filling him in on what she was planning to do. The officer wondered what kind of detective he is if he couldn't uncover the real name of the girl he was dating. To say the least, Ben was livid -- even when Emily apologized. “Even you don’t get a do-over,” he said before walking out the door.

Meanwhile, the Grayson matriarch had her sights on recruiting another member into her anti-Amanda gang: Margaux (Karine Vanasse).

“I have the evidence of Amanda’s crimes and she has quite the body count,” Victoria said to the woman her late son dearly loved. But surprisingly enough, Margaux had no interest in hanging Amanda out to dry.

“Please, Victoria. Let it go,” Margaux pleaded to a confused Victoria. Victoria couldn’t grasp why Margaux had lost her desire to put an end to the woman who was responsible for the loss of her child. That’s when Margaux revealed the truth of what happened the day she was struck by a taxi. “I couldn’t face you with the truth -- that it was my fault,” Margaux explained, confirming Emily had nothing to do with her getting hit by the car. Margaux added that it was her lust for vengeance that resulted in the death of her unborn baby.

Margaux’s confession, however, didn’t alter Victoria’s mindset. She was determined to show the world just how ruthless Emily was by exposing her to the media. But before Victoria had the chance to get her side of the story across, Amanda intercepted her interview.

Amanda made a deal with a journalist she would give an exclusive interview to the press if (and only if) Victoria would never be given an opportunity to speak on the show -- ever. The network agreed, thus giving Amanda a platform to tell her story, which colored a pretty disturbing image of Victoria, as well as paid homage to all those who were hurt by Emily Thorne’s mission for retribution. (This included homage to Charlotte [Christa B. Allen] and Aiden [Barry Sloan].)

“Victoria, if you’re watching -- it’s in your hands to end this,” Amanda concluded her interview, which involved accusing Victoria of manslaughter.

Margaux was disgusted with what Amanda had said, in addition to the poor treatment society had given Victoria for decades.

“Do not let them win,” Margaux said, urging Victoria to give the evidence she had against Amanda to the authorities. But Victoria said it was no use considering she was already dead to the world. That’s when Margaux had a change of heart and decided to slip back into the game of revenge, adding she would have Victoria’s back.

While Margaux was angered over Amanda’s interview, David couldn’t have been more proud of his daughter. The two then shared a sweet moment on the porch of their beach house, reminiscing about the good times they had shared.

“And for the first time I have no idea what’s coming next,” Amanda told her dad.

Although Amanda may be unsure of her future, audiences have an idea of what’s in store for the Hamptons’ beauty: Someone is after her.

Another Major Moment From Episode 19 Of “Revenge.”

  • In episode 19, Nolan pressed Jack (Nick Wechsler) to go after Amanda now that the truth of her identity was known. “You two belong together and deep down she knows it,” he said, giving Amanda/Jack shippers everywhere a glimmer of hope.

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