Things are about to get a whole lot more twisted when “Revenge” airs its Season 4 premiere Sept. 28. In the first released trailer of the new season, viewers can see that the roles of Emily and Victoria have been swapped.

Instead of Amanda Clarke being the one looking for justice and retribution, it will be the Grayson matriarch who is seeking vengeance for the destruction of her family.

“When everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay,” Victoria warns in the “Revenge” trailer. “Emily Thorne, I’m coming for you.”

When “Revenge” aired its Season 3 finale in May, viewers were left feeling almost sorry for Victoria, who has always appeared as one of the show’s most villainous characters. Not only did Victoria have to endure the kidnapping of her daughter and the loss of Pascal, but she also found herself locked up in a mental institution -- all thanks to Ms. Emily Thorne!

“Over the past three years my family was destroyed, the love of my life murdered, my freedom taken away,” Victoria explained her current and unfortunate situation to viewers. It was only in the final moments did we learn the show’s most shocking cliffhanger: David Clarke is actually alive!

Does this mean all of Emily’s menacing work to destroy the Grayson family was undeserved? It seems that karma will play a rather large role in the plot of Season 4.

“What goes around, comes around,” the Season 4 trailer teased as various clips from the new season rapidly played. In the last seconds of the trailer, viewers see Emily hosting an extravagant yet dramatic garden party, Victoria wandering through the foggy woods and Charlotte contemplating suicide, among other eye-widening scenes.

The synopsis for the Season 4 premiere reveals that “as Emily plans to host her most surprising party ever, Victoria finds a way to turn her greatest setback into a dangerous advantage.” Even four white walls can’t deter Victoria from her wicked ways. “Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them both, David Clarke plans his next move, on the Season 4 premiere of ‘Revenge.’”

Season 3 of "Revenge" will air on Sunday, Sept. 28, at 10 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in episode 1, “Renaissance”? Sound off in the comments section below.