Revenge Season 4 Spoilers What will happen when David Clarke returns from the "dead" in Season 4 of "Revenge"? The series returns to ABC on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. ET.

Aiden is dead, Victoria is in the looney bin and David Clarke has risen from his alleged grave -- that’s how last season of ABC’s hit drama, “Revenge,” ended. For fans who can’t wait until the show returns to the small screen this fall, we’ve got some scandalous Season 4 scoops that will quench your thirst for vengeance, starting with the shocking revelation of James Tupper’s character.

David, who we presumed was dead for three seasons, is in fact alive. That means viewers will be seeing a lot more of Tupper when he becomes a full-fledged series regular for the upcoming season. But how will David’s reprisal affect the show? And more specifically, Emily's plan for justice?

“I think how [David] changes the series moving forward is exactly where Emily and Nolan had that conversation in the sound booth when she says, ‘I don’t know who Amanda Clarke is anymore,’” the show’s writer, Aaron Harberts, said last week during the 2014 ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. "That’s really how it changes the series. She has to start confronting who Amanda Clarke is and that’s really where Season 4 is taking us.”

Executive Producer Gretchen J. Berg added, “We felt like [David’s return] was a great way to not only impact Emily’s world but everybody on the show. So, it was the perfect way to reboot.”

It’s true, the news of David’s return isn’t only going to affect Emily VanCamp’s character, but it will also be taking a toll on Victoria’s life when Season 4 premieres.

“The character David Clarke is going to cause a lot of problems,” Harberts hinted, “because he is definitely a point where these two women’s lives [Emily and Victoria] intersect.” And as we all know, Emily and Victoria aren’t exactly on the best of terms -- especially after VanCamp’s character pulled a Merrill on Victoria, hitting her over the head with a shovel.

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“As Emily tries to create a new more positive life for herself, as she tries to move forward, Victoria will be coming up on her,” he explained.

We wonder what this will mean for David: Will he bring the two women together, or will he be forced to choose sides? We can’t say for sure but know Tupper’s character will be faced with hardship when he makes his non-flashback debut.

“The concept of bringing back David is was something that we were hoping for and working toward for a lot of last season. So, there were a couple things we were like, ‘Once that happens, once David Clarke comes back into our lives, there’s certain stories we can’t tell.' Since we have now started [walking down] such a new and exciting path I think everything seems so fresh,” Berg said, adding that the resurrection of Emily’s father was almost like growing a tree. “It was something that went on and on.”

“It’s hard to introduce new characters who don’t have a past history with [Emily]. So, I think all of us were thinking, ‘Well, who else can we bring on?' Obviously we got Jack, Daniel is a character with no romantic poll and as we looked back on it David seemed like someone who would shake [VanCamp’s] character to the core – an unshakable character,” Harberts said.

“I think we just felt like David is a character who could blow up a lot of Emily’s world and shake it up. She’s certainly not a predictable character but she is a character -- like as she says … she’s a machine. And we sort of know how she’s going to react in certain situations but we certainly don’t know how she’s going to take it when she finally gets to see her father.”

The writer than gave the audience a few “what if” scenarios to mull over regarding David's big debut:

“What if he says, ‘I’m disappointed in you.’ And what happens when he crosses into Victoria’s story and says, ‘She did some things to you, and you don't know why, but there might've been a reason.’ Again, Victoria says in the finale, ‘You don’t know everything you think you know about your father.’ You always have to preserve Emily’s mission -- she was wronged as a child. David Clarke was wronged as a human being, as well. But we just thought he would open up some new prospects and he’s a new narrator. He can fill in a lot of the gaps.”

"Revenge" returns this fall on Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. We’re excited to see what Tupper’s character will bring to the drama. What blanks are you hoping David fills in on the show? Sound off in the comments section below.