After the drama-soaked Season 3 finale of “Revenge” aired in May, fans of the ABC series have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what’s next from Emily Thorne – or should we say Amanda Clarke?

And luckily for fans of Mike Kelley’s critically acclaimed mystery series, we’ve got some juicy Season 4 scoops for you – straight from the show’s executive producers!

Can you believe these two scenes were too crazy to be aired on "Revenge"?

Both Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts from “Revenge” attended the 2014 ATX Festival in Austin, where they discussed everything from David Clarke’s return to Conrad Grayson’s menacing ways – not to mention his fabulous head of hair. But the most eye-widening moment for audience members was when the duo dished on what’s to come in Season 4.

1. Memory of Aiden: “One of the things we’re going to keep alive [in Season 4] is the memory of Aiden, because he was such a huge part of the show,” Berg said. “He supported Emily a way that a lot other people weren’t able to do because of the experience they shared together.”

2. Emily’s dark beginning: “Emily will start in a wounded place next year,” the EP explained, adding that Emily VanCamp’s character will be examining “not only who she is as Amanda Clarke” but what that means for the people around her that she cares about.

3. The cold hard truth: Berg added that Amanda will be confronting the truth quite a bit in Season 4, which means her character will be maturing even more in the upcoming installment.

“In the past her instinct has always been to flee, “ she said.

Is one of the “truths” Amanda will be facing the notion of her father’s survival?

4. You won’t like it when Victoria’s angry: “Victoria has obviously done terrible things,” Harberts said. “She’s obviously a very messed-up character. She’s one of the most fun characters to write. But at the end of the day when she manages to get out [of the psychiatric institute] she is going to be setting her sights on Emily.”

Harberts explained that Victoria’s out for blood – especially because of the not-so-nice things Emily has done to the Grayson family out of vengeance.

“[Victoria’s] going to be pissed,” he said with a laugh.

5. David = drama: Now that we all know David Clarke is alive, what does this mean for Season 4?

“The character David Clarke is going to cause a lot of problems,” Harberts hinted, “because he is definitely a point where these two women’s lives [Amanda and Victoria] intersect.”

David will also help fill in some of the blanks we’ve all be dying to know when James Tupper’s character returns as something other than a flashback.

6. Bad boys: Season 4 of “Revenge” will be adding one more bad boy to the mix when Jack Porter releases his inner rebel. Oh yeah, Nick Wechsler has officially joined the dark side!

The actor explained that although his character would never participate in an immoral act, he’ll definitely be breaking some laws when “Revenge” returns to the small screen.

“He wants justice and his feelings for [Emily] will draw him into morally complex [situations],” Wechsler added.

Are you excited for Season 4 of “Revenge”? Sound off in the comments section below of your predictions for what will happen when the ABC series returns.