All good things must come to an end -- including our favorite ABC drama. After four thrilling seasons, “Revenge” will be wrapping up its wild storyline Sunday with its series finale. And according to the title of episode 23, it looks like viewers should start buying tissues in bulk now because someone is going to die.

The last installment of the series is ominously titled “Two Graves,” which suggests not one but two characters will find themselves six feet under by the time the ABC drama concludes. But which characters will be killed off in the forthcoming installment? Well, the episode 23 promo video suggests a few Hamptonites are on the chopping block:

The trailer kicks off with Emily (Emily VanCamp) pointing a gun at everyone’s favorite villain, Victoria (Madeline Stowe). That’s right! Victoria is alive. The twist was revealed in episode 22 after Officer Ben (Brian Hallisay) wandered into Mason’s (Roger Bart) trailer park home looking for clues. Moments after he spotted the socialite walking out of the shower, Margaux’s (Karine Vanasse) assassin (Courtney Love) shoved a knife into his back. Although Ben’s fate is unknown, it seems safe to say the officer won’t be disclosing what he uncovered to anyone anytime soon.

But somehow Emily will learn her arch nemesis lives on.

“Hello, Victoria,” she says to the woman who set her up for murder. (Victoria faked her death, then pinned it on Emily.)

“Are you ready now?” Victoria asks with a weapon pointed at her head.

“More than you know,” David’s (James Tupper) daughter replies with teary eyes.

The two Hampton beauties have been feuding for years and it has led to the deaths of several of their loved ones. But despite the casualities, the drama-ridden duo will continue their ongoing dispute even if it means the death toll will rise.

The trailer suggests Nolan (Gabriel Mann) will feel the wrath of Emily and Victoria’s vendetta when he suffers a knife wound to his hand. Jack (Nick Wechsler) will also find himself in the line of fire, which will ultimately result in his hospitalization. (But don't worry, Em/Jack shippers! His accident will occur after he and Em lock lips in a steamy and anticipated scene.)

“Backed into a corner, Emily is forced to admit her guilt, but she'll have to decide how far she'll go before admitting defeat,” the synopsis for the series finale reveals.

Will Emily put the lives of everyone she loves in danger just to settle an old debt? It seems like everyone, including Em’s father (the one who was framed for the terrorist attack by Victoria), has moved on. So why can't she?

David’s survival is also up in the air. He told his daughter in episode 22 that his cancer has left him with six more months to live -- if he’s lucky. Could one of the graves belong to Emily’s father? Ultimately, we think the two holes will be dug for Emily and Victoria. After all, they proved they’d rather die trying to seek revenge than back down.

Who do you think will be killed off in the series finale of “Revenge”? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to “Two Graves” when episode 23 airs Sunday, May 10, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.