With the final installments of “Revenge” winding down (the cancellation of the series was announced by ABC Wednesday) we anticipated the last two episodes of the hit drama would be full of twists and turns. And that’s exactly what fans got when they tuned in to the head-spinning episode titled “Plea.”

The installment kicked off with Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) lawyer breaking the news of just what would happen if she was convicted of Victoria’s (Madeline Stowe) murder. According to her attorney, Emily would face life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder. He then advised his client to agree to a plea bargain, but Emily wouldn’t hear of it.

“There’s nothing to negotiate. Just get me bailed out,” she sternly said.

Two-million dollars later, Emily was walking freely -- well, sort of. The judge warned her if the conditions of her release were violated even slightly, he  would have her thrown back in jail so fast she might get whiplash.

Of course Emily agreed to the terms but once Ben (Brian Hallisay) strapped an ankle monitor around his ex’s leg, she was already concocting a plan on how to remove it. See, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) had tracked down Mason Capote (Roger Bart), and Emily was determined to find him because he was the only one who would corroborate Emily’s alibi, proving she was not responsible for Victoria’s murder. Also, he played a hand in setting Em up.

In episode 21, Victoria left Emily a video message that said she was committing suicide and pinning her fiery fate on her former daughter-in-law. But there was no way her final act of revenge could have been carried out without a helping hand or two. 

In episode 22, Nolan figured out a way to help Emily leave the house. However, David (James Tupper) wasn’t too fond of the idea of his daughter breaking house arrest. Her forbade her to leave, so Emily slipped her monitor onto his wrist, leaving him unable to chase after her.

Prior to going on her manhunt, Emily and Jack (Nick Wechsler) sat down for the heart-to-heart for which Em/Jack shippers have been waiting.

“I have to know. Is it true?” Jack asked, wondering whether Emily had really chased after him the night he left for Los Angeles.

“I went after you. I was five minutes too late. Four years too late,” she admitted. “I want to be with you. That’s why I need all of this to work. I want us to have that chance.”

Just as they were about to celebrate their romance with a kiss, Nolan interrupted to help Emily sneak out of her house.

While Emily attempted to track down Mason, Louise (Elena Satine) tried to find Victoria's daughter. Once the red-headed beauty found Charlotte (Christ B. Allen) in rehab, she immediately gave her condolences to the child of her beloved friend. But Charlotte didn’t want her sympathy -- especially because the death of her mother was a blessing in disguise.

“I’m not going [to the funeral]. Let alone planning one,” she told Louise, adding the Grayson matriarch was as manipulative as she was fashionable. But regardless how well her mother dressed, she wanted no mementos to remember her -- that’s how much she despised her. Charlotte then gave Louise permission to enter Victoria’s penthouse if she would stop calling her.

When Louise finally entered the penthouse, she spotted Nolan snooping around, looking for evidence to clear his friend’s name. But that’s not all she saw. Louise also discovered a suspicious black hoodie -- a garment that looked like the same sweatshirt Victoria’s parking garage attacker wore. She brought it to Ben, asking what if Emily wasn’t Victoria's attacker or the person who killed Victoria.

This piece of evidence changed the game. After Emily got caught by the police while looking for Mason (who was seen by his trailer park neighbors with a “regal” looking woman), she pleaded her innocence to Ben, claiming Victoria’s death was nothing but a setup. But even after she explained Victoria’s diabolical plan step-by-step, he still didn’t believe the woman he used to date -- that is, until Louise bolstered Em’s theory with evidence to back it up.

After handing over the hoodie to Ben, Louise bumped into her friend Margaux (Karine Vanasse). The southern belle explained to the journalist what she had found in Victoria’s penthouse and what she did with it. That’s when Margaux speculated it must have been Nolan who planted the hoodie, knowing Louise would be searching the home. After Margaux revealed her theory, she immediately called someone, whom we assumed was her assassin, for back up. Was she going to take out Louise?

Not quite. Instead of the killer (Courtney Love) silencing Louise, she stabbed Ben with a knife after he entered Mason’s trailer home looking for clues. Before Ben got stabbed in the back (literally) he learned Emily’s story wasn’t fabricated at all. Victoria was alive! She had faked her death and pinned it on Emily in retaliation for her foe turning the world against her.

Other Major Moments From Episode 22 of “Revenge”:

David’s Death Sentence

David’s cancer has spread. And according to Emily’s father, his stage four diagnosis has only left him with six more months left to live -- if he’s lucky.

Jack The Detective

Jack figured out Margaux was working hand-in-hand with Victoria after he discovered it was the journalist who dropped Mason off at the trailer park.

What did you think of episode 22 of “Revenge”? Were you surprise Victoria is alive? Sound off in the comments section below.