Episode 21 of “Revenge” kicked off on a fiery note. The morning after the Grayson Manor burst into flames, fans of the hit ABC series got to witness how Emily (Emily VanCamp) and David (James Tupper) reacted to the devastating fire.

Although the two were in disbelief Emily’s home (which previously had belonged to Victoria [Madeline Stowe]) had been destroyed, they both were thankful no one was injured in the accident.

“Thank God the house was empty,” they told authorities, unaware someone had been in the home at the moment it exploded: Victoria.

Police found a body in the wreckage; however, it was too badly burned to be identified. Luckily for authorities, a ring was found next to the corpse. That’s when Emily pieced together it was Victoria who had been killed in the fire. (The ring was a gift to Victoria from Pascal [Olivier Martinez].)

At first, Emily couldn’t believe Victoria was dead. She then toyed with the idea of whether or not Victoria’s “death” could have been a hoax -- some lavish plan whipped up by the Grayson matriarch to seek vengeance. And as it turned out, Em was partially right. Victoria’s death wasn’t a ruse, but it was a part of the socialite’s final plan to take her arch nemesis down.

In the closing moments of the Season 4 installment titled “Aftermath,” Emily learned Victoria had reached out to journalist Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) before committing suicide so he could help assist her in her last attempt to ruin Emily’s life.

Mason, who also sought a vendetta against Emily, secretly left traces of Victoria’s hair and blood in Emily’s car to make it look like Em was involved in the death of her former mother-in-law. (Mason was a pawn in Em’s alibi for Victoria’s death, but he duped the woman he so passionately hated.) Victoria also made her home look as though someone forced entry and dragged her out, leaving a trail of blood.

“This wasn’t a suicide at all -- this was a murder,” Louise (Elena Satine) said after spotting blood-soaked stains in Victoria’s home.

Victoria had managed to convince everyone (even the authorities) Emily was behind her death.

“That bitch set me up,” Em screamed while being forced into the back seat of a police car. “I’m innocent.”

Prior to officials whisking Emily off to jail (which Ben [Brian Hallisay] did gleefully), Victoria sent Emily a touching little farewell video that explained her final and most devious plan:

“By the time you received [this] I’ll no longer be among the living,” Victoria said in the video message. “I'm going to make it appear as though you murdered me in your own home. You never had the guts to kill yourself but I do. May you suffer greatly.”

Looks like Victoria will be haunting Emily from beyond the grave after all.

Other Major Moments From Episode 21 of “Revenge”:

Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) Fairytale Comes Ends:

Nolan and Tony’s (Josh Pence) romance concluded in episode 21 after Tony learned he was going to become a dad -- within the next two days.  

Nolan suggested the two go shopping for “all the swag a single dad needs” but the only thing Tony had on his Babies"R"Us registration was a new relationship status:

“The thing a single dad needs is to be single,” Tony said. “I would love for us to work. I wanted [a baby] for a long time. You would be shortchanged. I'm sorry, Nolan.”

Emily Learns David’s Condition

David’s daughter learned he had been lying about his alibi. As it turned out, David wasn’t working on his boat the night Victoria was killed but working on his health. David said he didn’t want to tell Emily he was in the hospital because it would have broken her heart. (She had thought their war was finally over.) However, his war with lymphoma had just begun.

Emily + Jack (Nick Wechsler) = Forever

Em/Jack shippers were given a much-anticipated moment during episode 21. They watched Jack find out that Emily had finally chosen him -- thanks to Em’s disgruntled ex-boyfriend.

“You won, Porter. She chose you,” Ben said, telling his former partner Emily had dumped him to chase after Jack the night he left for Los Angeles.

What did you think of episode 21 of “Revenge”? Did Victoria’s final act of revenge surprise you? Sound off in the comments section below.