The first official look at Kim Richards' interview with Phil McGraw is finally here. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star was arrested April 16 and charged with public intoxication, among other things. Prior to her arrest, Richards claimed to have been sober for three years. With her life hanging in the balance, and her reality TV career on the line, the 50-year-old is looking to Dr. Phil for help. During the highly anticipated episode she will discuss the incident, as well as her sobriety, in greater detail.

The newly released clip shows Richards accepting full responsibility for her actions. She admits to drinking before her arrest, saying she "poured a drink of vodka" and immediately knew she was making a mistake. As always, Dr. Phil let his guest know what she had done was wrong. The 62-year-old daytime TV host questioned her parenting, telling her what she had done was "not good mothering."

Throughout the short clip, Richards was able to maintain her composure. The mother of three is shown choking back tears while telling her story, but manages to get the words out. It was not until her children join her on stage, where they listened as she recounted her struggle with sobriety and that difficult night, that she lost it.

"Is this an intervention?" She asks before running off stage. "I'm sorry. I can't."

It has been rumored that producers and those close to Richards are trying to convince her to return to rehab. She first entered treatment in 2011, checking herself into an unknown facility from December to January. Although she left treatment before the suggested period was done, sister Kyle Richards assured Ryan Seacrest that she was on the road to recovery. Now, NBC officials are believed to be considering firing the "RHOBH" star if she does not accept the help. They say she is a liability and they are not interested in continuing with her on the popular series if she doesn't go to rehab. No official decision has been made as filming is still months away.

Richards will appear on the "Dr. Phil Show" on Tuesday, April 28. Check local listings for times and channels.