Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman is teaming up with first lady Michelle Obama to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign by spoofing his infamous interview with Erin Andrews after the 2014 NFC Championship game.

Sherman and Obama starred in a new commercial for “Let’s Move,” a campaign designed by the first lady to encourage healthy eating and physical activity among American children. In the ad, Sherman and fellow Seahawks stars Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas stop by the White House kitchen to craft a healthy meal to “create a healthy school lunch that kids will love.”

The first lady, who starred as a “sideline reporter,” approached Chef Sherman and asked him to explain his culinary creation. “Well, let me tell you. We the best chefs in the game, so when you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that’s the result you gonna get,” Sherman said.

Next, Obama asks Sherman where he learned to cook such a healthy meal. “Well, Ms. Obama, I know how important it is for everybody to eat right. And whether you’re a pro athlete or just a kid at school wanting a healthy meal, you got to put the right fuel in your body in order to perform at your best,” Sherman responds.

The new “Let’s Move” commercial, titled “Let’s Cook! With Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks,” spoofed Sherman’s infamous encounter with Fox reporter Andrews after his team’s victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the 2014 NFC Championship game.

During the postgame interview, Sherman, who had just made a game-clinching pass deflection while covering 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, had harsh words for his divisional rival. “Well, I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me,” Sherman told a startled Andrews.

The interview became a national topic of debate, with some pundits referring to Sherman as a “thug” for his exuberant behavior. But President Barack Obama praised Sherman during the Seahawks’ visit to the White House on May 21, drawing specific attention to the 26-year-old’s rise from the streets of Compton, California, to the top of his class at Stanford University and, eventually, to the NFL.

“If [Sherman] seems a little brash, it’s because you’ve got to have attitude sometimes if you are going to overcome some of this adversity,” the president said, via MSNBC.

Sherman’s appearance in the “Let’s Move” commercial can be viewed below.