Richards Simmons is making headlines yet again. The 1980s fitness guru was hospitalized last week, later assuring fans that he is doing fine. While his health scare is behind him, Simmons can’t seem to escape the spotlight.

New reports suggest the 67-year-old has transitioned and is living as a woman named Fiona. According to the National Enquirer, Simmons has undergone several procedures to transform his body, giving it a more feminine appearance. The publication reports that Simmons has gotten breast implants and has been taking hormones for several years now. A source claiming to be a friend of the workout video star told the Enquirer, Simmons is “not just in drag.”

“This is Richard dressed as a softly [sic] spoken woman named Fiona!” the source said.

Simmons has not yet addressed rumors that he transitioned from male to female. In fact, the last public statement he made was on Monday. Following his hospitalization, Simmons took to Facebook to update fans on his condition. He shared a photo of himself forming an “OK” with his fingers, writing that he was simply treated for dehydration. Simmons thanked fans for being concerned about him, reminding them to “drink plenty of liquids” and sending love their way.

It was initially rumored that Simmons was hospitalized due to strange behavior. He has been making headlines for his bizarre antics for quite some time. On March 14, Simmons addressed concerns that he’d been kidnapped by his long-term caretaker, Teresa Reveles. As reported by NBC News, he assured those fearing for his safety that he had not been taken against his will, but rather was “just in my house right now.”

“No one should be worried about me. The people who surround me are wonderful people who take great care of me,” he said.

Reports of Simmons’ transition remain unconfirmed.