If Rick Perry's Twitter account is to be believed, the Texas governor will not abandon his presidential campaign, even after a humiliating fifth-place finish in the 2012 Iowa caucus.

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State, Perry tweeted just minutes ago. Here we come, South Carolina!

Perry attached a photo of himself jogging near a lake, wearing running leggings and Texas A&M running shorts while flashing a thumbs-up.

Perry In, Bachmann Out

After winning only 10 percent of the vote at the Iowa caucus, Perry said would return to Texas to determine whether there is a path forward in his race for the Republican presidential nomination.

His decision to head to Texas rather than South Carolina, his next scheduled stop on the campaign trail, led many to believe the GOP presidential hopeful was about to announce the end of his 2012 campaign.

Michele Bachmann, who finished sixth in Iowa, had also decided not to go on to South Carolina, but her announcement earlier today was to end her candidacy, not re-new it.

'This wasn't a hard decision.'

Rick Perry, however, has never been one to give up, even when his early lead this fall was crippled by a series of debate gaffes, most notably his Oops moment back in November.

Now, The Houston Chronicle reports that as Rick Perry left the Sheraton West Des Moines in Iowa, he told the paper he had indeed decided to continue in the race, stopping in New Hampshire before a big push in South Carolina.

I just said I was going to reassess last night, Perry commented. I reassessed.

Perry, who said he had absolutely found a path forward in his campaign, said his first big push in the South would be his comeback moment in 2012.

South Carolina is a place that I feel very comfortable that the values and the people and the time that we spent there - so we're going to give the people of South Carolina, New Hampshire, America a choice in this election, and that's what this process is all about, he said.

I look forward to continue on the trail... This wasn't a hard decision.