Twitter followers were stunned earlier this week when singers Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted tweeting love tweets that seemed to be meant for each other. As fans of the singer speculate (some hopefully, others with legitimate concern) that Rihanna is considering taking back her ex, new reports indicate that the Twitter reconciliation was a sign that the couple were getting back together.

If these rumors are true, however, the couple will have to go through a judge first: a partial restraining order against Chris Brown is still in effect until 2014, dated back to the 2009 domestic assault charge that left Rihanna with visible injuries and seemed to have split the pair for good.

Rihanna Still 'Fan' of Abusive Ex

Not that Rihanna, despite the horrific details of the physical abuse charges, has ever been that good at staying away from Brown.

After the singer pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge, police released details of the attack that were far more chilling than Rihanna had let on According to E! News, Rihanna told the police that Chris Brown not only beat her, but choked her while threatening to kill her before leaving her black out in his car. Cops were so concerned for the singer that they took her to the hospital via squad car rather than waiting for an ambulance.

Yet in the years following her assault, Rihanna has remained a fan of her ex-boyfriend. She never stopped following him on Twitter, and told reporters earlier this year that she was excited for his comeback.

And when Chris Brown's mother seemed to be pushing for a reconciliation, Rihanna's response was nothing but warm.

HELLO LADY I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!! Brown' mother tweeted on Dec. 15. Nobody would have guessed that the Twitter posted was meant for Rihanna... until the singer tweeted back, Miss+love u 2.

Brown, Rihanna Exhange 'Love Tweets'

But following Brown on Twitter and missing his mother isn't the same as forgiving him for his assault, or for considering getting back together with him. Which is why so many followers were shocked this week to see the following exchange between the two.

Love U more than u know! Brown tweeted Thursday. Two minutes later, Rihanna responded: I'll always love you #1love.

Skeptics point to the fact that neither Brown nor Rihanna tagged each other in the Twitter posts, indicating that the love exchange could just be a massive coincidence.

But sources close to both singers disagree. In fact, several insiders have now come forward saying the pair's reconciliation on Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg. According to both Gather and Media Take Out, Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together... and that Brown has never stopped loving her.

'Working towards getting back together'?

According to a reliable insider, Chris Brown and Rihanna are working towards getting back together, and for Brown at least, the reconciliation has been a long time coming.

He destroyed all chances of a relationship with his soul mate, the report read, saying Brown considered Rihanna the love of his life. After speaking on the phone and exhanging several IMs and texts, the pair have reportedly decided to meet up in Los Angeles next week to see how and whether they should get back together.

If Chris Brown and Rihanna are hoping for a reconciliation, however, they'll have more than the restraining order to deal with. Upon hearing that the Barbados-born singer was in contact with her ex, both her RocNation managers and friend Jay-Z were furious that she was contacting Breezy [Chris Brown]. According to insider sources, they have no idea that the pair are planning to meet up.

Chris Brown's Anger Issues

If Rihanna's Twitter exchange with Chris Brown is a sign of reconciliation, those concerned for the singer's well-being are hoping it's a sign she's forgiven the assault, not a sign that she'll forget.

Chris Brown doesn't seem to have learned much from his anger management classes. He destroyed a dressing room and stormed off the set of ABC's Good Morning America after being asked about the attack on Rihanna earlier this year, reportedly got into a fight with Drake a few months back, and went on a Twitter rampage last month after a follower tweeted about the abuse before deleting most of his account.

If Rihanna is considering getting back together with Brown, she'd do well to listen to her fans, her followers and her friends first.