Rihanna is upset with a fan who compared her to the late Whitney Houston.

The singer posted a picture of herself smoking marijuana to her Instagram account with the caption, "Friday night gettin a lil fuzzy." In response, one follower wrote, “She’s going to end [up] like Whitney if she keeps doing drugs like she’s doing now.”

Houston passed away in February after being plagued by drug use for years.

By 2000, Whitney Houston had been married for eight years to singer Bobby Brown. Their marriage was widely known for fighting, scandals, drug and alcohol arrests. Houston's career was dogged by  heavy drug use for which her family blamed Brown.

Houston even told Oprah Winfrey in a 2009 interview that her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, arrived on her doorstep with sheriff's officers and a court order for drug intervention. 

Rihanna obviously did not appreciate the comparison, replying to the Instagram follower, “Yea cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint. [Expletive] outta here you weak [expletive]!!”

The Barbadian beauty is not the only one to get upset over a fan’s comment on social media.

Just last week, her ex Chris Brown did not take kindly to some of his fans who criticized his recent weight loss.

“The funniest [expletive] is the comments on me being too skinny! Half of y’all [expletive] are super obese and fat as [expletive]!” the newly signed Wilhelmina model told a follower on Instagram.

He then shared information about his fitness regimen.

“I dance and workout constantly! It’s called being healthy. Some need stop running their mouth and get that fat [expletive] on a treadmill. I can hear u wheezing on my comments [sic].”