Just because Rihanna has a crush on you, do not get your hopes up that the two of you will end up dating, or even meeting. Just ask NFL player Mychal Kendricks. Though the Eagles player is a star in his own right, Rihanna made him an even bigger one earlier this month, after naming him her crush.

While the 22-year-old NFL player is already on a well-known sports team, the number of followers he accrued on social media increased tremendously after the superstar posted a picture of him, naming him her “man crush” on social media platform Instagram. On Mondays people can post pictures on Instagram of their male crush under the hashtag “MCM.”

The singer posted a photo of Kendricks along with the photo caption, “Is it Monday? Cuz chhh…#MCM [sic].” Most of the ladies on Instagram agreed with her choice, with one commenter writing, “He is absolutely beautiful..He is my Monday thru Sunday Crush!!”

It seems that many love connections have been made on social media lately. An Australian rapper began dating NBA payer Nick Young after he posted a photo of her on Twitter as his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday.) And while her relationship did not end well, reality star Evelyn Lozada met her now ex-husband, NFL play Chad Ochocinco, after conversing on Twitter.

But it does not seem like a relationship is in the cards for Rihanna and Kendricks.

"I was flabbergasted” Kendricks told Fox 43 in Philadelphia about the interest from Rihanna. “It was cool and very flattering. If she sees this…then hey.” He was then asked if she can give him a call. “If she has my number. I’ve been trying to reach out but…” he said, trailing off.

“His Twitter and Instagram is going off the chain because of that,” teammate and Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin added. “I think he should reach out. I don’t know what his situation is relationship wise, so I hope I’m not disrespecting anybody but like you said, it’s Rihanna. We’ll see what happens.”