Pop superstars Rihanna, 23, is not only good at singing, but also running the social media, which has brought her a great success of the launch of her album Talk to Talk.

Although as famous as Rihanna, it's impossible to hope the new album would become the best seller by only dropping it relentlessly. Obviously, the singer knows the principle deeply.

Nevertheless, during the time to promote Talk That Talk last fall, Rihanna was on tour, unfortunately. Jules Ferree, the senior director of digital for Island Def Jam, the label behind the release, also admitted that “It was a timing issue.”

 “It definitely happens in other instances. It’s not uncommon, but it’s not ideal,” he added.

With the help of the social media, Rihanna has found the substitute of sorts. According to Mashable, so far the singer has 53.4 million Facebook fans. More specifically, she has become the the second most popular musician on Facebook, ranking only behind Eminem. Moreover, there are nearly 15 billion followers on her Twitter account.

Even though Rihanna was absent at that time, her fans were busy to help her to promote the new album on the Facebook. And a Facebook app has played an important role during the campaign. The app has tapped an idea pioneered by Groupon - the “tipping point strategy,” which encouraged the followers to “like” a page and then go on missions to find out the content.

For instance, if the fans submit a certain amount of fake lyrics, they can get the lyric sheet for Rihanna’s album. There are some other things included, such as Rihanna’s new “R” logo, the single “We Found Love,” Rihanna’s new website, the album’s release date and its cover. However, the essential condition of such contents is that the fans should be on board for the mission.

Another strategy isn't new but useful - creating a timeline for the event in order to keep the fans engaged at that time. According to Alex Morrison, executive vice president of AgencyNet, the digital shop works on it, “Every album release has a certain rhythm to it,” he said. “Before, we used to drop [albums]. Now we’re letting [fans] find them.”

The result has proved the strategies is efficient. AgencyNet has provided the metrics - Fans generated more than 928,000 total 'stories.', the campaign prompted 118,000 tweets a day during the launch month, which comes out to 5,000 tweets per hour, the effort resulted in 420 million total Facebook Wall impressions.

Furthermore, the album Talk That Talk ranked three in the Billboard charts. In first week, the album touched the sales of 198,000.

And the lead single We Found Love was an international success, topping the charts in eighteen countries. And it also became the most listened-to song on Facebook in 2011.

Meanwhile, the Facebook campaign didn’t run separately. Then singer appeared on the cover of Esquire nearly nude. The caption read “The Sexiest Woman Alive.”