It's the Unfaithful singer Rihanna who has just overtaken Lady Gaga on the Facebook charts.

Rihanna has overtaken the Judas chanteuse to become the most popular female star on the social media site, according to

The Barbados-born singer Rihanna has so far amassed 40,622,133 likes on her Facebook page, leaving behind the Italian- American singer Lady Gaga, who lags with 40,580,102 likes.

But then, Lady Gaga rules Twitter. She beats Rihanna on the Twitter front, with 11,653,916 followers versus Rihanna's 6,116,687. Famecount's aggregated rankings say, Gaga tops among celebrities when her combined Facebook likes, Twitter followers and YouTube views are taken into account. Rihanna ranks third, behind Gaga and Justin Bieber, a Reuters report said.