Rihanna stepped out in West Hollywood very early on Saturday morning to attend the annual "Remember the Time" Michael Jackson Tribute at 1Oak Nightclub.  The singer turned heads with her skimpy fashion ensemble, wearing ripped Daisy Dukes, a black bra and matching leather jacket. 

The 27-year-old singer arrived at party central around 12:30 am with a group of girlfriends, reported E!News on Saturday. Rihanna was seen sitting across DJ Cassidy who was spinning Michael Jackson hits all night long.  A source told E! that Riri stayed for 45 minutes before leaving the party.

A party guest also told the New York Post that Rihanna sat with 1Oak Nightclub owner Richie Akiva during the celebration and was seen singing along to Michael Jackson’s 1979 hit “Rock With You.” Other guests who attended the party included Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri, Russell Simmons and Neyo, who showed off his Michael Jackson moves on the dance floor.

Shortly after her 1Oak appearance, Rihanna teased her fans with an Instagram post for her upcoming music video for “B---- Better Have My Money.” The photo featured the music video’s rating of TV MA LNV – meaning for mature audiences only. 

Meanwhile, the singer’s fans enjoyed the BET stunt Rihanna pulled with Black Entertainment Television (BET) president Stephen Hill on Sunday evening.  According to Us Weekly,  Rihanna’s dedicated fans loved the moment when Riri angrily threw a stack of money at Stephen Hill’s face while backstage during the BET awards, before taking the stage to preview a teaser of her video for “B---- Better Have My Money.”

Initially, fans were confused, with one viewer tweeting, “Did Rihanna just flip out on homeboy?”  But after exiting the stage, Riri posed with Hill, posting on Instagram, “We kissed and made up. #BETAwards What a night!!”  Black Entertainment Television (BET) later confirmed with Billboard that it was a staged moment.

Rihanna’s new music video for “B---- Better Have My Money ” will be released on Thursday, July 2.