Despite the recall of 1,000 Research in Motion's (RIM) PlayBook tablets due to an OS glitch, the popularity of the PlayBook remains unaffected-it has been reported that the BlackBerry maker has recovered by selling 250,000 devices in month of April.  The estimates were noted from RBC analyst Mick Abramsky collected information from 180 Best Buy locations with results showing 84% of 64BG RIM PlayBooks sold were in late April. 

Abramsky reveals more stats:

Checks at 180 Best Buys show 14% of the 16 GB sold out, 71% of the 32 GB sold out, and 84% of the 64 GB sold out; however, 32 GB/64 GB stockouts appear allocation-related, writes Abramsky.

At this pace, the RIM is on track to sell 500,000 tablets by the end of this quarter.  The PlayBook overcame a slow start to overtake Motorla Xoom in initial sales.  Motorla reported a total of 250,000 Xoom sales in their 2011 first quarter.  RIM's PlayBook  surpassed that in its first month. 

Even with a recovery from a disastrous start, the RIM's PlayBook still remains a minor player in the tablet market compared with the Apple iPad.  According to research from Nielsen, the iPad is still the king of tablets holding 82% of the market. 

Despite the addition to the market of new tablet computers like the Samsung Galaxy and the Motorola Xoom, in the United States, Apple's iPad is still dominating the conversation--and market, said Nielsen.

Apple remains on top while Samsung holds a distant second place spot with 4%, 3% for Dell, 2% for Motorolla, and the remaining 9% includes other companies. 

RIM has future competition as more tablets such as LG's G-Slate Honeycomb, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10, and HTC's the View 4G are soon hitting the market as early as June 2011.