“RIP Glenda Monster” has become a trending topic on Twitter.

A Lady Gaga fan on Wednesday posted a tweet saying a Brazilian teenager named Glenda Monster committed suicide. Since then “RIP Glenda Monster” has been trending on Twitter, with people posting tweets about the teenager’s suicide.

The teenager was allegedly a victim of bullying, but there are no official reports regarding her death.

The teenager's death is the second suicide in less than 14 days due to bullying, a Lady Gaga fan posted on Twitter.

On Feb. 1, Glenda Monster posted her last tweets and said that she wanted to say goodbye to everyone.

“#MonsterOff Forever,” was Glenda’s last tweet on her Twitter account.

“I swear I did not want to do this. But has no way after what happened yesterday cmg but I do not want to live,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “I apologize. I know what I do and a great sin! but has not geito.”

However, her death news has stirred outrage among Gaga’s fans. People have also posted comments about suicide and bullying supporting the girl.

--@ Ladygaga fans are deeply saddened by another death of a fan (@ glendaMonster) who killed herself because she suffered bullying.

--2 fans gaga dead in less than 14 days be a fan d algien is not justification for bullying

--We lost a little monster. Suicide is a terrible thing, and everybody is here for a reason. R.I.P Glenda Monster, you're free now, baby♥

--R.I.P Glenda Monster who commited suicide due to bullying. It really breaks my heart because no-one should be bullied.

--R.I.P Glenda Monster #BullingIsForLosers we have to stop that bullying sh*t suicide isn't the right choice Wake up world Bullying is a CRIME

--R.I.P. GLENDA MONSTER. I hope you have peace now.

--So sad to see R.I.P Glenda Monster. Bullying and suicide must stop!

--R.I.P Glenda Monster -She was a Mons†er who committed suicide due to bullying. Bullying needs to stop.

--Just noticed the R.I.P Glenda Monster TT. What happened guys? Another suicide cuz of bullying? :(