Soulja Boy is the latest celebrity to become victim to the death hoax, with users on Twitter using the hashtag #RIPSouljaBoy, fueling rumors the 21-year-old's demise throughout the social networking site.

Many people found it comical, tweeting things such as Shame about Soulja Boy, astrophysics has had no greater loss and most likely won't for a very, very long time. #ripsouljaboy from user getinmahbelleh, and #thatawkwardmoment when Soulja Boy logs on to twitter and finds out he died. Who started this #RIPSouljaBoy trend? from user Fahtme19.

Some thought the Soulja Boy death hoax was in bad taste, however. #RIPSouljaBoy ..That's sad & immature, I know NO ONE likes him as a rapper,but he's still a person, user Hey_imJazz wrote. This should NOT be a #TT [trending topic] if its not true!

According to Twitter it has been a bad few weeks for celebrities. Earlier this week, Reba McEntire fell victim to the death hoax, with users saying she fell more than 100 feet to her death while filming a movie. Cher also died last week, if you ask Twitter, as did Demi Moore and Adele.

Soulja Boy did not comment, but according to Yahoo, he's alive and well.