Fans of the original “Star Wars” trilogy can celebrate, as the “Rise Against the Empire” playset is now available for “Disney Infinity 3.0”. The playset allows fans to play through the events of “Star Wars” episodes IV, V and VI, while also letting them explore classic locations like Tatooine, Hoth, Aldaran and Endor.

The “Rise Against the Empire” playset comes with two figurines from the beloved trilogy: Luke Skywalker and his sister Princess Leia Organa. Additional figurines from the original trilogy are also available for purchase like Han Solo, Chewbacca and Darth Vader, with Bobba Fett coming in November, according to Game Informer.

One reason fans still cherish the original trilogy is the amount of action in all three films, and the playset will do its best to replicate some of the best scenes there. Players will participate in massive space battles and escape deadly Storm Troopers with speeder bikes, in classic “Star Wars” fashion.

In order to condense nine hours worth of film into gameplay, Disney had help from the Lucasfilm Story Group. They worked on the game’s narrative to make sure that whoever the player chooses gets his or her key character moments, while also letting players explore the different environments. Chewbacca can go to Ben Kenobi’s hut for no reason, while Luke still has his “I’m your father” moment with Darth Vader.

There is also a ton of Easter Eggs for fans to look out for in the “Rise Against the Empire” playset. The official “Star Wars” website pointed out that Jar Jar Binks also got the same treatment Han Solo did in “Empire Strikes Back" and was frozen into Carbonite, though this time no one unfreezes him, probably because very few fans love him like Leia loved Han.

The “Rise Against the Empire” set is now available for purchase in most leading retail stores for $34.99. Additional figures cost nearly $14.99.

In addition, most of the previous figurines from “Disney Infinity” and “Disney Infinity 2.0” should still work for the newest version “Disney Infinity 3.0”. So those who want to experiment and have Spider-Man go to a galaxy far, far away can do so.

Star Wars™ Rise Against the Empire Play Set | Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition (Credit: YouTube/Disney Infinity)