Sega's latest gaming venture Rise of Nightmares for Microsoft Xbox Kinect gamers is now available as a demo for Xbox Gold members.

According to Sega, the gamer will have to survive one hellish night as he fights against horrifying enemies using the hands-free controls of Microsoft Kinect. The size of the demo is just 334MB and can be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

No such demos have been made available for Silver members, according to a Shack News report.

Rise of Nightmares offers a hair-raising horror experience which uses the pioneering new controls of Kinect to give players new encounters filled with anxious expectation and terror. Using their whole body, the player will experience fear and tension in this first person horror adventure.

The game places you in the shoes of Josh, as he tries to save his wife Kate from the clutches of a painfully generic mad scientist. The player takes control of Josh in a first-person survival horror beat down.