At the end of 2011, Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart were rumored to be heading towards a split. However, all the hearsay has been crushed after the couple reunited in LA looking happier than ever.

Pattinson and Stewart were spotted at Soho House on Wednesday night, according to A source told Celebuzz that they looked happy and intimate, laughing and chatting throughout the night.

The couple also spent New Year's Eve together. They apparently changed their plans last minute in order to have a more private evening. Originally Pattinson had planned to take his co-star and girlfriend to the Palihouse, according to Hollywood Life, but ended up going to a house party in Los Feliz and celebrating with close friends.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly revealed the Stewart spoiled Pattinson for Christmas buying him two vintage guitars worth $12,000 for Christmas.

Stewart bought a 1959 Fender Jazzmaster and a 1947 K&F Lap Steel, according to the report.  She went shopping for the guitars at Norman's Rare Guitars in California, with her father John Stewart.

One source told Hollywood Life that Kristen knew exactly what she was getting as Pattinson was a regular customer at the store and the staff knew exactly what he was looking for.  He's going to S-t when he sees them, Stewart was quoted saying by US weekly.

Pattinson and Stewart were rumored to spilt in December after OK! Magazine splashed a headline on its front page indicating that Pattinson had been begging his girlfriend not to leave him, with a subtitle claiming that Stewart was angry and confused and here's why.

The Twilight star was spotted leaving a Hollywood bar with Disturbia actress Sarah Roemer, which immediately sparked rumors of a possible breakup between Pattinson and his co-star, who at the time was in London for the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman.

The photos, however, do not reveal as much as the hype made out. Ok! claimed the two were squeezed into a back seat and stroking hands, but a close look at the photos shows their hands aren't even touching. More, descriptions of the photos have missed one key detail: the actors were not alone. There was an additional passenger who was probably a mutual friend that has been in the club with them before.