Robert Pattinson has opened up about performing sex scenes in his new steamy film, Bel Ami, where he plays the part of a young man in 19th century Paris, who manipulates influential and wealthy women (not including Kristen Stewart)  to rise to power.

Pattinson's on-screen love interests include Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas. In a recent red-carpet interview at the Berlin Film Festival, the Twilight star referred to his love-making scenes as getting his cake and eating it too, according to

Pattinson told Hollywood Life that the Bel Ami female cast all played very strong characters. So it wasn't like I could push them around easily. It was funny. I had to be a different person with all three of them, he said at the Berlin Film Festival.

He told that his favorite part of playing the promiscuous Georges Duroy, was being able to manipulate and romance women of varying ages. Hmmm older women or younger women...I get my cake and eat it, too, basically. They both have their good sides, he said.

Christina Ricci, however, complained about the nature of her character, calling the experience of acting intimate and romantic with so many crew members a horror.

Bel Ami, is based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant, capturing the social conflicts of the 19th century, through a sharp focus on lusty affairs carried out by a Parisian lawyer, played by Pattinson.

The film was screened at the Berlin Film Festival, but it's not clear when it will be released in the U.S, although popular rumors suggest it could be as early as the end of March.

Meanwhile, Pattinson has received criticism from his fans for shaving his hair. In an online poll on, 76 percent of Pattinson fans said they hated his new haircut.  The poll was flooded with comments, with one fan saying it makes his head look too small for his body.

It looks kinda ridiculous, wrote another. He looks like Justin Timberlake, that is who I thought it was till I read the headline.

Six percent of fans said they loved his new haircut. Please stop judging him, said one. It is not nice to be bullied cuz you got a new look. What if you were him would you want a bunch of people criticizing you???!!!!! Just because he plays a hot vampire doesn't mean he has to be that character all the time. He obviously has finished filming breaking dawn or he would not have cut it, I mean seriously people, he has feelings too.